Ark Hotel, China

Ark Hotel

Ark Hotela futuristic see-through bubble Ark Hotel that can be adapted to suit both land and water is being billed as a “self-contained oasis”. The Ark Hotel (wrong: Arc Hotel) project was designed by Russian firm Remistudio with the assistance of the International Union of Architects program Architecture for Disasters Relief. The dome-shaped Ark Hotel is constructed with wooden arches, steel cables and a self-cleaning plastic layer instead of glass.

The slinky-like Ark Hotel can be adapted to suit both land and water. It is built to stay afloat in the event of floods or rising seas. The 14,000 square metre shell-like construction of arches and cables distributes the weight evenly, meaning it can withstand earthquakes. Daylight is filtered through to internal rooms due to the hotels see-through structure, reducing the need for lighting.

Designed as an integrated energy system with an uninterruptible power supply using alternative energy sources, the Ark Hotel uses solar panels and a rainwater collection system to provide inhabitants with power and water. It would be built around a central pillar connecting to roof-top wind generators and heat pumps, as well as to energy storage and thermal conversion units below. There will also be a tornado energy generating spiral at the top of the pillar

Ark Hotel Shell Design

The shell-inspired Ark Hotel design has a load-bearing system of arches and cables which maintain an even weight distribution to withstand earthquakes, whilst the prefabricated frame allows for a fast and easy construction.

Ark Hotel Internal Garden

The internal garden provides a lush escape for guests by acting as a greenhouse and enough daylight is filtered throughout the internal rooms to reduce the need for lighting.

Ark Hotel Summer

Ark Hotel Winter

The design also integrates photovoltaic solar cells, a rainwater collection system and a frame that is protected with layer of self-cleaning and recyclable ethyltetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) – the same material used in the Beijing National Aquatic Center.

Ark Hotel Futuristic

Aside from the eco-credentials, it’s a stunning design that seems to jump straight out of a science-fiction film. We can only hope that the worst global warming predictions prove inaccurate and it doesn’t become the 22nd Century’s holiday destination of choice.

Alexander Remizov, Ark Hotel chief designer of Remistudio, has previously said: For architecture, there are two major concerns. – The first is maintenance of security and precautions against extreme environmental conditions and climate changes. The second one is protection of natural environment from human activities.

– The Ark Hotel is an attempt to answer the challenges of our time. Provision is made for an independent life support system.

– All the plants are chosen according to compatibility, illumination and efficiency of oxygen producing, and with the aim of creating an attractive and comfort space in Ark Hotel.

– Through the transparent roof there is enough light for plants and for illuminating the inner rooms.

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