Hotels in Rovinj, Croatia

If you are looking for a place to visit in Croatia without going too far away from your home, the climate and beaches in Rovinj are something you should witness. For almost 6 months, you can soak your skin into the beaches in Rovinj and enjoy the soothing seawater that reaches 24° C as its average water temperature.

Get ready those big umbrellas, jaw-dropping swimwears, and get that sun-kissed skin while enjoying the fine climate in Rovinj. As expected in the Mediterranean area, the climate in Rovinj is very calm as it is hot and dry every in summer but mild and pleasant every winter. Did you know that since Rovinj enjoys more than 130 days filled with the sunshine every year, it is considered as the sunniest area to visit in the Istrian peninsula?

What makes the climate in Rovinj very appealing to locals and tourists? Well, thank you so much for the gift of microclimate and near the Lim fjord, Rovinj manages to keep it cool and avoid bad weathers all year round. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from stunning beaches below so you could start your 5 months of summer in Croatia:

If you mean a summer splash with rocks and pebbles, this beach coast is rocky and packed with sandy coves. It shows the timeless view of Rovinj’s old town and Figarola Island. This famous beach for families was rewarded by Blue Flag for maintaining its cleanliness making it the best place to swim, lay down under the sun and ride a boat.

Valdaliso beach

This beach in Rovinj, Croatia shows the difference between the new and the old town. Its graveled part makes it ideal for families to let their kids play and access different amenities in the area. You can ride a jet ski and do mooring to beat the heat.

Cisterna beach

The beaches along Cisterna and Bacvice are some of the most attractive beaches in the whole Rovinj Southern cost. This pebbly beach is a public beach that captivates people with its romantic and wild combination of beach thanks to its backdrop tress, and turquoise water. As calm as its flat water, families with kids will surely enjoy their stay here for the whole day before leaping to a restaurant in the vicinity.

Moulin Rouge

In spite of its classic name, this beach along the Lone bay became the new town beach in 2014.

Baluota beach

Did you say rocky beach? Rovinj is just beneath the Saint Euphemia church. Its unique spot of rocks is perfect for sunbathing and just a few minutes away from the town square. On the other hand, inexperienced divers and swimmers are not suitable here due to its rocky and steep shore.

Take note that in spite of being a popular summer escape, the entire year in Rovinj is mostly pleasant. And if you want to know all the must-visit beaches in Rovinj, keep tuned in for more updates.

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