Winter Morning in Yalta, Crimea

Yalta, Crimea

by Sergii Titov

Yalta is a resort city on the north coast of the Black Sea in the Crimean peninsula, a territory recognized by a majority of countries as part of Ukraine as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea but administered by Russia as the Republic of Crimea. It serves as the administrative center of Yalta municipality, one of the regions Crimea is divided into. Population: 78,115 (2013 population estimate).

The city is located on the site of an ancient Greek colony, said to have been founded by Greek sailors who were looking for a safe shore (γιαλός – yalos in Greek) on which to land. It is situated on a deep bay facing south towards the Black Sea, surrounded by wooded mountains. It has a warm humid subtropical climate with many vineyards and orchards in the vicinity.

The term “The Greater Yalta” is used to designate a part of the Crimean southern coast spanning from Foros in the west to Gurzuf in the east and including the city of Yalta and multiple adjacent urban settlements.

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