Al Karāmah

Al Karāmah, Syria Hotels & Apartments

Name: Al Karāmah
Region: Ar-Raqqah
Country: Syria
Population: 0 inh.

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  • 1. Karnak Hotel, dist. 26.2km
  • 2. Furat Cham Palace, Deir ez-Zor, dist. 93.9km
  • 3. Badiat Cham Palace, Deir ez-Zor, dist. 93.9km
  • 4. Funduq Furāt ash Shām, Deir ez-Zor, dist. 96.3km
  • 5. Badia Cham, Deir ez-Zor, dist. 97.1km
  • 6. Funduq Ziyād, Deir ez-Zor, dist. 97.9km
  • 7. Funduq Mārī, Deir ez-Zor, dist. 98km
  • 8. Elkip Evi Cave Hotel, Homs, dist. 121.9km
  • 9. Shah Mat Hotel, Homs, dist. 123.9km
  • 10. El Ruha, Şanlıurfa, Turkey, dist. 148.8km
  • 11. Hotel Al Boustan, Al-Hasakah, dist. 149.2km
  • 12. Hilton Garden Inn Sanliurfa, Şanlıurfa, Turkey, dist. 149.6km
  • 13. Arte, Şanlıurfa, Turkey, dist. 149.6km
  • 14. Hotel Heliopolis, Al-Hasakah, dist. 149.6km
  • 15. Saruhan Thermal Hotel, Şanlıurfa, Turkey, dist. 149.6km
  • 16. Hotel Dedeman Sanliurfa, Şanlıurfa, Turkey, dist. 149.9km
  • 17. Nevali Hotel, Şanlıurfa, Turkey, dist. 150.4km
  • 18. Grand Urfa Hotel, Şanlıurfa, Turkey, dist. 150.5km
  • 19. Dedeman Allepo, Aleppo, dist. 155.2km
  • 20. Sands, Homs, dist. 171.7km
  • 21. Orient Palmyra, Homs, dist. 171.9km
  • 22. Funduq Tadmur, Homs, dist. 171.9km
  • 23. Heliopolis, Homs, dist. 171.9km
  • 24. Semiramis Palmyra, Homs, dist. 172.1km
  • 25. Villa Palmyra, Homs, dist. 172.1km
  • 26. Funduq Zanūbiyā, Homs, dist. 172.3km
  • 27. Zenobia Cham Palace, Homs, dist. 172.5km
  • 28. Funduq Tadmur ash Shām, Homs, dist. 173.4km
  • 29. Tadamora Palace Hotel & Spa, Homs, dist. 174.8km
  • 30. Tetrapylon, Homs, dist. 175.8km
  • 31. Chahba Cham Palace, Aleppo, dist. 193.1km
  • 32. Mandalon, Aleppo, dist. 193.3km
  • 33. Ramasis, Aleppo, dist. 193.3km
  • 34. Sheraton Aleppo Hotel, Aleppo, dist. 193.8km
  • 35. Dar Zamaria, Aleppo, dist. 193.8km
  • 36. Beit Wakil And Marash, Aleppo, dist. 194.6km
  • 37. Beit Wakil, Aleppo, dist. 194.6km
  • 38. Martini (Aleppo), Aleppo, dist. 194.7km
  • 39. Cilicia Hotel, Aleppo, dist. 194.9km
  • 40. Samīr Amīs, Aleppo, dist. 195.2km
  • 41. Planet, Aleppo, dist. 195.2km
  • 42. Mirage (Aleppo), Aleppo, dist. 195.3km
  • 43. Riga Palace, Aleppo, dist. 195.3km
  • 44. Funduq Amīr Ḩalab, Aleppo, dist. 195.3km
  • 45. Funduq Bārūn, Aleppo, dist. 195.3km
  • 46. Funduq Ramsīs, Aleppo, dist. 195.5km
  • 47. Al Funduq as Sīyāḩī, Aleppo, dist. 195.5km
  • 48. Park Hotel, Aleppo, dist. 195.6km
  • 49. Funduq Shahbā’ ash Shām, Aleppo, dist. 196.9km
  • 50. Dedeman, Aleppo, dist. 197km
  • 51. Pullman, Aleppo, dist. 197.6km
  • 52. Būlmān ash Shahbā’, Aleppo, dist. 197.6km
  • 53. Erdoba Konaklari, Mardin, Turkey, dist. 205.4km
  • 54. Hilton Garden Inn Mardin, Mardin, Turkey, dist. 205.9km
  • 55. Buyuk Mardin, Mardin, Turkey, dist. 206km
  • 56. Erdoba Evleri, Mardin, Turkey, dist. 206.5km
  • 57. Yay Grand Hotel, Mardin, Turkey, dist. 206.6km
  • 58. Marmara Istanbul, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 206.7km
  • 59. Artuklu Kervansarayi, Mardin, Turkey, dist. 207.1km
  • 60. Erdoba Elegance Hotel & Convention Center, Mardin, Turkey, dist. 208.6km
  • 61. Erdoba Elegance Hotel, Mardin, Turkey, dist. 209km
  • 62. Ravanda, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.3km
  • 63. Teymur Continental Hotel, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.4km
  • 64. Kucuk Velic Hotel, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.4km
  • 65. Velic Village County Houses, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.4km
  • 66. Best Western Ravanda Hotel, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.5km
  • 67. Met Gold, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.6km
  • 68. Anatolian, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.6km
  • 69. Dedeman Gaziantep Hotel & Convention Center, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.8km
  • 70. Castle House Boutique, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.8km
  • 71. Tugcan, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.8km
  • 72. Divan Suites Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 215.9km
  • 73. Ibis Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 216km
  • 74. Novotel Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 216.1km
  • 75. Jaleriz, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 216.3km
  • 76. Hampton By Hilton Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 216.7km
  • 77. Hampton Inn Gaziantep City Centre, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 216.7km
  • 78. Allstar Grand Hotel Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 216.9km
  • 79. Grand Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 216.9km
  • 80. Holiday Inn Gaziantep Sehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 217.2km
  • 81. Dedeman Park Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 217.4km
  • 82. Dedeman Park Gaziantep City Ce, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 217.4km
  • 83. The Anatolian Hotel, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 217.4km
  • 84. Divan Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 217.5km
  • 85. Safir Otel, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 217.8km
  • 86. Safir Hotel, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 217.8km
  • 87. Hotel Buyuk Velic, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 218.6km
  • 88. Dedeman Gaziantep Hotel & Convention Centre, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 220.3km
  • 89. Zingaro Hotel, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 220.3km
  • 90. Zeus, Adıyaman, Turkey, dist. 220.5km
  • 91. Ugurlu Termal Resort, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 224km
  • 92. Grand Isias, Adıyaman, Turkey, dist. 228.5km
  • 93. Dedeman Gaziantep Hotel & Convention Center, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 228.9km
  • 94. Nemrut Euphrat Hotel, Adıyaman, Turkey, dist. 232.7km
  • 95. Guadalupe Residencial Hotel, Gaziantep, Turkey, dist. 237.2km
  • 96. Green Park Hotel Diyarbakir, Diyarbakır, Turkey, dist. 242.1km
  • 97. Liv Suit Hotel, Diyarbakır, Turkey, dist. 242.3km
  • 98. Prestige Hotel Diyarbakir, Diyarbakır, Turkey, dist. 242.4km
  • 99. Class, Diyarbakır, Turkey, dist. 242.6km
  • 100. Sv Business Hotel, Diyarbakır, Turkey, dist. 242.6km
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More about Al Karāmah, Ar-Raqqah, Syria

City name: Al Karāmah
Toponym name: Al Karāmah
ASCII name: Al Karamah
Administrative type: seat of a third-order administrative division
Administrative division level 3:
Administrative division level 2:
Administrative division level 1: Ar-Raqqah 04
Country: Syria
Country code: SY
Continent code: AS
Timezone: GMT 2 Asia/Damascus
Latitude: 35.86866
Longitude: 39.27803
Post code:
Airport IATA:
Population: 0 inh.

Alternative names for Al Karāmah, Ar-Raqqah, Syria:

ar: فطسة الثيب,
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