Al Wuday‘

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Name: Al Wuday‘
Region: Abyan
Country: Yemen
Population: 0 inh.
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  • 1. Sheraton Sana A Hotel, YE.23.3006, Ibb, dist. 144.5km
  • 2. Mercure Sana A Al Saeed 4, YE.23.3006, Ibb, dist. 144.5km
  • 3. Taj Sheba Hotel, YE.23.3006, Ibb, dist. 144.5km
  • 4. Funduq ‘Adan, Khur Maksar, Aden, dist. 151.4km
  • 5. Funduq Qaşr al Jazīrah, Craiter, Aden, dist. 152.9km
  • 6. Funduq Sittah wa ‘Ishrūn Sibtambir, Attawahi, Aden, dist. 155.8km
  • 7. Funduq al Hilāl, Attawahi, Aden, dist. 155.9km
  • 8. Mūtīl Shams, Attawahi, Aden, dist. 156.6km
  • 9. Funduq as Sāḩil adh Dhahhabī, Attawahi, Aden, dist. 157.2km
  • 10. Funduq Arḑ al Janatayn, Marib City, Ma’rib, dist. 200.9km
  • 11. Funduq Bilqīs, Marib City, Ma’rib, dist. 201.6km
  • 12. Al Saeed Hotel Taiz Mgallery Collection, Salh, Ta‘izz, dist. 214.7km
  • 13. Sheraton Gold Mohur Htl Aden, YE.23.1504, Ibb, dist. 241.7km
  • 14. Golden Tulip Aden Hotel, YE.23.1504, Ibb, dist. 241.7km
  • 15. Sheba Palace for Furnished Apartments, Sanhan, Sanaa, dist. 255.3km
  • 16. Funduq Ramādā Ḩaddah, As Sabain, Amanat Al Asimah, dist. 260.4km
  • 17. Funduq Shīrātūn, Shu'aub, Amanat Al Asimah, dist. 261.5km
  • 18. Funduq Sabā’, At Tahrir, Amanat Al Asimah, dist. 261.9km
  • 19. Moevenpick Hotel Sana'a, YE.16.1302, Sanaa, dist. 262.5km
  • 20. Funduq Bānūrāmā Şan‘ā’, Ma'ain, Amanat Al Asimah, dist. 263.2km
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