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Name: Amsterdam
Region: North Holland
Country: Netherlands
Population: 741 636 inh.

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  • 1. Die Port Van Cleve Special Promotion, dist. 0.1km
  • 2. Die Port van Cleve Hotel, dist. 0.1km
  • 3. Surprize Amsterdam 3 Stars, dist. 0.1km
  • 4. Estherea Hotel, dist. 0.1km
  • 5. Di-Ann, dist. 0.1km
  • 6. Bw Dam Square Inn, dist. 0.2km
  • 7. Tulip Inn Dam Square, dist. 0.2km
  • 8. Di Ann Hotel Amsterdam, dist. 0.2km
  • 9. Best Western Dam Square Inn, dist. 0.2km
  • 10. Clemens Hotel, dist. 0.2km
  • 11. Nadia, dist. 0.3km
  • 12. Amsterdam Centre Inn B And, dist. 0.3km
  • 13. Hotel Ink Amsterdam, dist. 0.3km
  • 14. Swissotel Amsterdam, dist. 0.3km
  • 15. Amsterdam De Roode Leew, dist. 0.3km
  • 16. The Convent Hotel Amsterdam Mgallery Collection, dist. 0.3km
  • 17. Mercure Amsterdam Airport 4, dist. 0.3km
  • 18. Citadel, dist. 0.3km
  • 19. Sofitel Amsterdam, dist. 0.3km
  • 20. The Convent Amsterdam, dist. 0.3km
  • 21. Galerij Hotel, dist. 0.3km
  • 22. Bandb La Vie En Rose Amsterdam Centre, dist. 0.3km
  • 23. Rembrandt Classic Hotel, dist. 0.3km
  • 24. Nadia Hotel Amsterdam, dist. 0.3km
  • 25. Belga Hotel, dist. 0.3km
  • 26. Amsterdam de Roode Leeuw, dist. 0.3km
  • 27. Nova Hotel And Apartments Amsterdam, dist. 0.3km
  • 28. Hampshire Classic Hotel Toren, dist. 0.3km
  • 29. Nova Hotel and Apartments Amesterdam, dist. 0.3km
  • 30. Nova, dist. 0.3km
  • 31. Rho Hotel, dist. 0.3km
  • 32. NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, dist. 0.3km
  • 33. Canal House, dist. 0.3km
  • 34. NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, dist. 0.4km
  • 35. Amsterdam Cs Apartment, dist. 0.4km
  • 36. Hotel De Gerstekorrel, dist. 0.4km
  • 37. Tulip Inn Centre Amsterdam, dist. 0.4km
  • 38. Westlodge City Centre, dist. 0.4km
  • 39. Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre, dist. 0.4km
  • 40. WestCord City Centre Hotel Amsterdam, dist. 0.4km
  • 41. Estherea, dist. 0.4km
  • 42. Albus Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, dist. 0.4km
  • 43. House Of Freddy, dist. 0.4km
  • 44. Holiday Inn Amsterdam Arena Towers, dist. 0.4km
  • 45. Ramada Amsterdam City Centre, dist. 0.4km
  • 46. Golden Tulip Inntel Amsterdam Centre, dist. 0.4km
  • 47. St. Christopher's @ The Winston, dist. 0.4km
  • 48. Hotel Manofa, dist. 0.4km
  • 49. Cordial Hotel, dist. 0.4km
  • 50. Hotel de Korenaer, dist. 0.4km
  • 51. Hotel V Nesplein, dist. 0.4km
  • 52. Hotel Damrak, dist. 0.4km
  • 53. Rokin, dist. 0.4km
  • 54. Avenue Hotel, dist. 0.4km
  • 55. Travel, dist. 0.4km
  • 56. Agora, dist. 0.4km
  • 57. Amistad, dist. 0.4km
  • 58. Bandnb Herengracht, dist. 0.4km
  • 59. Aspen, dist. 0.4km
  • 60. Studio 14 Bed and Breakfast, dist. 0.4km
  • 61. NH City Centre, dist. 0.5km
  • 62. Hotel Pulitzer, a Luxury Collection Hotel, dist. 0.5km
  • 63. Pulitzer, dist. 0.5km
  • 64. Delta Hotel City Center, dist. 0.5km
  • 65. The Bulldog Hotel, dist. 0.5km
  • 66. Grand Amsterdam, dist. 0.5km
  • 67. De Oranje Tulp Hotel, dist. 0.5km
  • 68. Singel, dist. 0.5km
  • 69. Sofitel The Grand Amsterdam, dist. 0.5km
  • 70. Sofitel Legend The Grand Junior Suite, dist. 0.5km
  • 71. Tulip Inn Amsterdam Centre, dist. 0.5km
  • 72. Orange Tulp, dist. 0.5km
  • 73. The White Tulip Hostel, dist. 0.5km
  • 74. Dam & Orange Tulip Hotel, dist. 0.5km
  • 75. Dam Centre Appartement, dist. 0.5km
  • 76. Beursstraat, dist. 0.5km
  • 77. The Oranje Tulip, dist. 0.5km
  • 78. Ambassade Hotel, dist. 0.5km
  • 79. Chic & Basic, dist. 0.5km
  • 80. Crowne Plaza Hotel AMSTERDAM CITY CENTRE, dist. 0.5km
  • 81. Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre Allotment Speciale, dist. 0.5km
  • 82. Ajax, dist. 0.5km
  • 83. Sint Nicolaas, dist. 0.5km
  • 84. Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, dist. 0.5km
  • 85. Crowne Plaza City Center, dist. 0.6km
  • 86. Chic & Basic Amsterdam, dist. 0.6km
  • 87. Heart Of Amsterdam, dist. 0.6km
  • 88. Andaz Prinsengracht Hotel, dist. 0.6km
  • 89. Chic And Basic, dist. 0.6km
  • 90. Chic Basic, dist. 0.6km
  • 91. The Greenhouse Effect, dist. 0.6km
  • 92. Amsterdam Boutique Apartments, dist. 0.6km
  • 93. Hotel CC, dist. 0.6km
  • 94. Season Star, dist. 0.6km
  • 95. Hotel Neutraal, dist. 0.6km
  • 96. Aaron Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam, dist. 0.6km
  • 97. Bellevue Hotel, dist. 0.6km
  • 98. Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam City Center, dist. 0.6km
  • 99. Radisson Blu Amsterdam, dist. 0.6km
  • 100. Radisson SAS Hotel - Amsterdam, dist. 0.7km
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More about Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

City name: Amsterdam
Toponym name: Amsterdam
ASCII name: Amsterdam
Administrative type: capital of a political entity
Administrative division level 3:
Administrative division level 2: Gemeente Amsterdam 0363
Administrative division level 1: North Holland 07
Country: Netherlands
Country code: NL
Continent code: EU
Timezone: GMT 1 Europe/Amsterdam
Latitude: 52.37403
Longitude: 4.88969
Post code:
Airport IATA: AMS
Population: 741636 inh.

Alternative names for Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands:

af: Amsterdam, am: አምስተርዳም, ar: أمستردام, arc: ܐܡܣܛܪܕܐܡ, arz: امستردام, az: Amsterdam, ba: Амстердам, be: Горад Амстэрдам, bg: Амстердам, bn: আমস্টারডাম, bo: ཨེམ་སི་ཊར་ཌམ།, br: Amsterdam, bs: Amsterdam, ca: Amsterdam, ce: Амстердам, ckb: ئەمستەردام, cs: Amsterdam, csb: Amsterdam, cv: Амстердам, cy: Amsterdam, da: Amsterdam, de: Amsterdam, el: Άμστερνταμ, en: Amsterdam, eo: Amsterdamo, es: Amsterdam, et: Amsterdam, eu: Amsterdam, ext: Ámsterdam, fa: آمستردام, fi: Amsterdam, fr: Amsterdam, frp: Amsterdam, fy: Amsterdam, ga: Amstardam, gd: Amsterdam, gl: Ámsterdan, hbs: Amsterdam, he: אמסטרדם, hi: ऐम्स्टर्डैम, hr: Amsterdam, ht: Amstèdam, hu: Amszterdam, hy: Ամստերդամ, ia: Amsterdam, id: Amsterdam, io: Amsterdam, is: Amsterdam, it: Amsterdam, ja: アムステルダム, ka: ამსტერდამი, kab: Amesterdam, kk: Амстердам, kn: ಆಂಸ್ಟರ್ಡ್ಯಾಮ್, ko: 암스테르담, koi: Амстердам, krc: Амстердам, kv: Амстердам, ky: Амстердам, la: Amstelodamum, lb: Amsterdam, lez: Амстердам, li: Amsterdam, lt: Amsterdamas, lv: Amsterdama, lzh: 阿姆斯特丹, mdf: Амстердам, mk: Амстердам, ml: ആംസ്റ്റർഡാം, mn: Амстердам, mr: अ‍ॅम्स्टरडॅम, mrj: Амстердам, ms: Amsterdam, my: အမ်စတာဒမ်မြို့, na: Amsterdam, nds: Amsterdam, ne: आम्स्टर्डम, new: एम्स्तरद्याम, nl: Amsterdam, nn: Amsterdam, no: Amsterdam, oc: Amsterdam, or: ଆମଷ୍ଟରଡ଼୍ୟାମ, os: Амстердам, pa: ਅਮਸਤਰਦਮ, pl: Amsterdam, pms: Àmsterdam, pnb: ایمسٹرڈیم, ps: امسټرډام, pt: Amesterdão, qu: Amsterdam, ro: Amsterdam, ru: Амстердам, rue: Амстердам, sah: Амстердам, scn: Amsterdam, sgs: Amsterdams, si: ඈම්ස්ටර්ඩෑම්, sk: Amsterdam, sl: Amsterdam, so: Amistardam, sq: Amsterdami, sr: Амстердам, srn: Damsko, sv: Amsterdam, ta: ஆம்ஸ்டர்டம், tg: Амстердам, th: อัมสเตอร์ดัม, tr: Amsterdam, tt: Амстердам, udm: Амстердам, ug: ئامستېردام, uk: Амстердам, ur: ایمسٹرڈیم, vi: Amsterdam, yi: אמסטערדאם, yue: 阿姆斯特丹, zh: 阿姆斯特丹, zu: I-Amsterdami,
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