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Name: Antananarivo
Region: Analamanga
Country: Madagascar
Population: 1 391 433 inh.
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    City name: Antananarivo
    Toponym name: Antananarivo
    ASCII name: Antananarivo
    Administrative type: capital of a political entity
    Administrative division level 3:
    Administrative division level 2:
    Administrative division level 1: Analamanga 7670856
    Country: Madagascar
    Country code: MG
    Continent code: AF
    Timezone: GMT 3 Indian/Antananarivo
    Latitude: -18.91368
    Longitude: 47.53613
    Post code:
    Airport IATA: TNR
    Population: 1391433 inh.

    Alternative names for Antananarivo, Analamanga, Madagascar:

    am: አንታናናሪቮ, ar: أنتاناناريفو, be: Горад Антананарыву, bg: Антананариво, bo: ཨེན་ཊ་ན་ན་རི་བོ།, bs: Antananarivo, ca: Antananarivo, ce: Антананариву, ckb: ئانتاناناریڤۆ, da: Antananarivo, de: Antananarivo, el: Ταναναρίβη, en: Antananarivo, eo: Antananarivo, es: Antananarivo, et: Antananarivo, fa: آنتاناناریوو, fi: Antananarivo, fr: Antananarivo, he: אנטננריבו, hi: अन्टाननरीवो, hr: Antananarivo, hu: Antananarivo, hy: Անտանանարիվու, id: Antananarivo, io: Antananarivo, is: Antananarívó, it: Antananarivo, ja: アンタナナリボ, ka: ანტანანარივუ, ko: 안타나나리보, ky: Антананариву, lt: Antananaryvas, mg: Antananarivo, mk: Антананариво, ml: ആന്റനനറീവൊ, mn: Антананариву, mr: अंतानानारिव्हो, mrj: Антананариву, nl: Antananarivo, nn: Antananarivo, no: Antananarivo, os: Антананариву, pa: ਅੰਤਾਨਾਨਾਰੀਵੋ, pl: Antananarywa, pnb: انٹاناناریوو, pt: Antananarivo, ro: Antananarivo, ru: Антананариву, sk: Antananarivo, so: Antananarifo, sr: Антананариво, sv: Antananarivo, sw: Antananarivo, ta: அண்டனானரீவோ, tg: Антананариву, th: อันตานานาริโว, tr: Antananarivo, udm: Антананариву, uk: Антананаріву, ur: اینٹانانیریو, vi: Antananarivo, wo: Antananariwo, yi: אנטאנאנאריווא, yue: 安塔那那利佛, zh: 塔那那利佛,
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