Hotels in Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon

Name: Beirut
Region: Beyrouth
Country: Lebanon
Population: 1 916 100 inh.
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Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon

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City name: Beirut
Toponym name: Beirut
ASCII name: Beirut
Administrative type: capital of a political entity
Administrative division level 3:
Administrative division level 2:
Administrative division level 1: Beyrouth 04
Country: Lebanon
Country code: LB
Continent code: AS
Timezone: GMT 2 Asia/Beirut
Latitude: 33.88894
Longitude: 35.49442
Post code:
Airport IATA: BEY
Population: 1916100 inh.

Alternative names for Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon:

af: Beiroet, am: ቤይሩት, ar: بيروت, arc: ܒܝܪܘܬ, arz: بيروت, az: Beyrut, be: Горад Бейрут, bg: Бейрут, bn: বৈরুত, bo: པེ་རུ་ཐེ།, br: Beirout, bs: Bejrut, ca: Beirut, ce: Бейрут, ckb: بەیرووت, cs: Bejrút, da: Beirut, de: Beirut, el: Βηρυτός, en: Beirut, eo: Bejruto, es: Beirut, et: Beirut, fa: بیروت, fi: Beirut, fr: Beyrouth, fy: Beirût, ga: Béiriút, gag: Beyrut, gl: Beirut, hbs: Bejrut, he: ביירות, hi: बेयरूत, hr: Beirut, ht: Bewout, hu: Bejrút, hy: Բեյրութ, id: Beirut, io: Beirut, is: Beirút, it: Beirut, ja: ベイルート, ka: ბეირუთი, kab: Birut, kk: Бейрут, kn: ಬೈರುತ್, ko: 베이루트, ku: Bêrût, ky: Бейрут, la: Berytus, lt: Beirutas, lv: Beirūta, mdf: Бейрут ошсь, mhr: Бейрут, mk: Бејрут, ml: ബെയ്റൂട്ട്, mn: Бейрут, mr: बैरूत, my: ဘေရွတ်မြို့, mzn: بیروت, new: बेय्रुत, nl: Beiroet, nn: Beirut, no: Beirut, nov: Beyrut, oc: Beirot, or: ବିରୁଟ, os: Бейрут, pa: ਬੇਰੂਤ, pl: Bejrut, pnb: بیروت, pt: Beirute, ro: Beirut, ru: Бейрут, sah: Бейрут, scn: Beirut, sgs: Beirots, sk: Bejrút, sl: Bejrut, sq: Bejrut, sr: Бејрут, sv: Beirut, ta: பெய்ரூத், tet: Beirute, tg: Бейрут, th: เบรุต, tr: Beyrut, tt: Бәйрут, ug: بېيرۇت, uk: Бейрут, ur: بیروت, vo: Bäyrut, wuu: 贝鲁特, xmf: ბეირუთი, yi: ביירוט, yue: 貝魯特, zh: 贝鲁特, zh-CN: 贝鲁特,