Hotels in Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Name: Budapest
Region: Budapest
Country: Hungary
Population: 1 741 041 inh.

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Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

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New Virtual Reality Vacation in Budapest, Hungary ( VIDEO)
I'm always looking for authentic ways to explore a destination so when I heard about a new unique virtual reality experience in Budapest, Hungary, I couldn't wait to check it out. Whenever I travel I always talk to locals to get their recommendations ...

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Wizz Air operates several daily flights from London Luton to Budapest, with fares from £43.99 one way. See The Corinthia Hotel Budapest has Superior rooms from £130 per room, per night. Executive suites start at £517 per room, per night.

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EXCLUSIVE: Federal law enforcement training travel totals $738000
The three FLETC officials took a total of eight trips to Singapore, seven trips to Bangkok, five trips to El Salvador and four trips each to Lyon, France; Budapest, Hungary; and Lima, Peru. They went to Canada, Monaco, Indonesia, Germany, Scotland and ...

St. George Residence -

St. George Residence
The oriental-style paintings of birds and flowers on the ceiling of the restaurant were discovered during renovation, and date to the 18th century when this was one of Budapest's leading cafés. Today the menu has Hungarian and international dishes ...

Callas House -

Callas House
Located directly next to the Budapest State Opera House on the UNESCO-listed Andrássy út, and above the Callas Restaurant. The city centre is within easy reach, as are tourist attractions like the House of Terror – the museum dedicated to the country's ...

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Marco Polo Top Ho(s)tel
Telegraph · Travel · Destinations · Europe · Hungary · Budapest · Hotels. View gallery. Marco Polo Top Ho(s)tel, Budapest, Hungary. Credit: by Balint Jaksa. Marco Polo Top Ho(s)tel. Budapest, Hungary. View on a map. 8 out of ...

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More about Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

City name: Budapest
Toponym name: Budapest
ASCII name: Budapest
Administrative type: capital of a political entity
Administrative division level 3:
Administrative division level 2:
Administrative division level 1: Budapest 05
Country: Hungary
Country code: HU
Continent code: EU
Timezone: GMT 1 Europe/Budapest
Latitude: 47.49801
Longitude: 19.03991
Post code:
Airport IATA: BUD
Population: 1741041 inh.

Alternative names for Budapest, Budapest, Hungary:

ace: Budapèst, af: Boedapest, am: ቡዳፔስት, an: Budapest, ar: بودابست, arz: بودابيست, ast: Budapest, av: Будапешт, az: Budapeşt, be: Горад Будапешт, bg: Будапеща, bn: বুদাপেস্ট, bo: བུ་ད་ཕེ་སིད།, br: Budapest, bs: Budimpešta, ca: Budapest, ckb: بوداپێست, crh: Budapeşt, cs: Budapešť, csb: Bùdapeszt, cv: Будапешт, da: Budapest, de: Budapest, diq: Budapeşt, dsb: Budapešt, el: Βουδαπέστη, en: Budapest, eo: Budapeŝto, es: Budapest, et: Budapest, eu: Budapest, fa: بوداپست, fi: Budapest, fo: Budapest, fr: Budapest, frp: Budapèst, fy: Boedapest, ga: Búdaipeist, gag: Budapeşt, gd: Budapest, gl: Budapest, gu: બુડાપેસ્ટ, hbs: Budimpešta, he: בודפשט, hi: बुडापेस्ट, hr: Budimpešta, ht: Boudapès, hu: Budapest, hy: Բուդապեշտ, id: Budapest, io: Budapest, is: Búdapest, it: Budapest, ja: ブダペスト, ka: ბუდაპეშტი, kk: Будапешт, kn: ಬುಡಾಪೆಸ್ಟ್, ko: 부다페스트, koi: Будапешт, krc: Будапешт, ku: Budapeşt, kv: Будапешт, kw: Budapest, la: Budapestinum, lb: Budapest, li: Boedapes, lt: Budapeštas, lv: Budapešta, mdf: Будапешт, mhr: Будапешт, mk: Будимпешта, ml: ബുഡാപെസ്റ്റ്, mn: Будапешт, mr: बुडापेस्ट, mrj: Будапешт, my: ဗူးဒပက်မြို့, myv: Будапешт ош, new: बुदापेस्त, nl: Boedapest, nn: Budapest, no: Budapest, nov: Budapesht, oc: Budapèst, or: ବୁଦାପେଷ୍ଟ, os: Будапешт, pa: ਬੁਦਾਪੈਸਤ, pdc: Budapescht, pl: Budapeszt, pms: Bùdapest, pnb: بوداپست, ps: بوډاپسټ, pt: Budapeste, rm: Budapest, ro: Budapesta, ru: Будапешт, sah: Будапешт, scn: Budapest, sk: Budapešť, sl: Budimpešta, sq: Budapesti, sr: Будимпешта, sv: Budapest, szl: Budapeszt, ta: புடாபெஸ்ட், tg: Будапешт, th: บูดาเปสต์, tr: Budapeşte, tt: Будапешт, udm: Будапешт, ug: Budapésht, uk: Будапешт, ur: بوداپست, uz: Budapesht, vep: Budapešt, yi: בודאפעשט, zea: Boedapest, zh: 布达佩斯,

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