Hotels & Apartments in Gelves

Name: Gelves
Region: Andalusia
Country: Spain
Population: 7 897 inh.

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Hotels in Gelves, Spain
Gelves, Spain Reviews & Notes
    "Seeing Plaza de España feels like being transported to Venice with it's multiple bridges over water surrounded by very renaissance-looking buildings. So atypical in style considering it was built in late 1920, especially as it features sort of mock-Moorish tile details everywhere: it feels a bit the same as seeing Mock-tudor houses surrounded by palm trees in California. Placa de España is located inside the lovely Maria Luisa Park and makes a great afternoon rest stop after a day of sightseeing and walking around. It's full of life yet feels peaceful and perfect place to sit down and enjoy an ice cream!"

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  • 1. Eurostars Sevilla Suites, Mairena del Aljarafe, dist. 1.1km
  • 2. Sevilla Suites, Mairena del Aljarafe, dist. 1.2km
  • 3. Hotel Trh Alcora Business & Congress, Mairena del Aljarafe, dist. 2.1km
  • 4. Cyclotour, Mairena del Aljarafe, dist. 2.2km
  • 5. Husa Via Sevilla Mairena, Mairena del Aljarafe, dist. 2.7km
  • 6. Git Via Sevilla Mairena, Mairena del Aljarafe, dist. 2.9km
  • 7. Apartamentos Simon Verde, Mairena del Aljarafe, dist. 3.6km
  • 8. Simon Verde, Mairena del Aljarafe, dist. 3.6km
  • 9. Hotel Sercotel Trh Alcora, San Juan de Aznalfarache, dist. 3.9km
  • 10. TRH ALCORA Hotel, San Juan de Aznalfarache, dist. 4km
  • 11. Domus Selecta Boutique Hotel Holos, Seville, dist. 4.3km
  • 12. Boutique Hotel Holos, Seville, dist. 4.3km
  • 13. Silken Al-Andalus, Seville, dist. 4.7km
  • 14. Sercotel Doña Carmela, Seville, dist. 4.7km
  • 15. Silken Al Andalus Palace Hotel, Seville, dist. 4.7km
  • 16. Hotel Villa de la Palmera, Seville, dist. 4.8km
  • 17. Albergue Inturjoven Sevilla, Seville, dist. 4.9km
  • 18. Vega De Triana Se 30, Camas, dist. 5km
  • 19. Apartamentos Vega De Triana, Camas, dist. 5km
  • 20. Ac Ciudad De Sevilla, Seville, dist. 5km
  • 21. Hotel AC CIUDAD DE SEVILLA BY MARRIOT, Seville, dist. 5km
  • 22. Ac Hotel Ciudad De Sevilla By Marriott, Seville, dist. 5km
  • 23. Leflet Gran Avenida, Coria del Río, dist. 5.2km
  • 24. Apartamentos Puerta del Sur, Seville, dist. 5.2km
  • 25. Apartamentos Turisticos Puerta Del Sur, Seville, dist. 5.2km
  • 26. Exe Sevilla Palmera, Seville, dist. 5.3km
  • 27. Montecarmelo, Seville, dist. 5.3km
  • 28. MONTE CARMELO Hotel, Seville, dist. 5.4km
  • 29. Hotel Bellavista Sevilla, Seville, dist. 5.4km
  • 30. Elegance Resitur, Seville, dist. 5.5km
  • 31. Resitur, Seville, dist. 5.5km
  • 32. Sercotel Ribera de Triana, Seville, dist. 5.6km
  • 33. Casona Del Porvenir, Seville, dist. 5.7km
  • 34. Hotel PIERRE & VACANCES SEVILLA, Seville, dist. 5.7km
  • 35. Apartamentos Luxsevilla Bormujos, Bormujos, dist. 5.7km
  • 36. ZENIT SEVILLA Hotel, Seville, dist. 5.7km
  • 37. Triana Backpackers, Seville, dist. 5.8km
  • 38. La Posada De Triana, Seville, dist. 5.8km
  • 39. Sercotel Hotel Fernando Iii, Seville, dist. 5.8km
  • 40. Surprize Sevilla 4 U V Con Desayuno, Seville, dist. 5.9km
  • 41. Hotel Alfonso Xiii A Luxury Collection Hotel, Seville, dist. 6km
  • 42. PASARELA Hotel, Seville, dist. 6km
  • 43. Dalis, Seville, dist. 6km
  • 44. ALFONSO XIII Hotel, Seville, dist. 6km
  • 45. Seville Backpacker Picasso Hostel, Seville, dist. 6.1km
  • 46. Hotel Mare Dos Hermanas, Dos Hermanas, dist. 6.1km
  • 47. Meliá Sevilla, Seville, dist. 6.1km
  • 48. Sevilla Card Iconos, Seville, dist. 6.1km
  • 49. ZURBARAN Hotel, Seville, dist. 6.1km
  • 50. Casa De La Luna, Seville, dist. 6.1km
  • 51. MONTE TRIANA Hotel, Seville, dist. 6.1km
  • 52. Pension Alcazar, Seville, dist. 6.2km
  • 53. The Living Roof Hostel Sevilla, Seville, dist. 6.2km
  • 54. NH Central de Convenciones, Seville, dist. 6.2km
  • 55. Luxsevilla Aeropuerto, Seville, dist. 6.2km
  • 56. VINCENT VAN GOGH Hotel, Seville, dist. 6.2km
  • 57. Suite Alcazar, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 58. The Spot Central Hostel, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 59. Boutique Adriano, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 60. Hostal Friends, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 61. Nh Collection Sevilla, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 62. Friends, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 63. Covadonga, Bormujos, dist. 6.3km
  • 64. Lux Sevilla Bormujos, Bormujos, dist. 6.3km
  • 65. Living-Sevilla Apartments Maestranza, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 66. Ribera De Triana Hotel, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 67. Ath Hoteles Santa Barbara, Castilleja de la Cuesta, dist. 6.3km
  • 68. Covadonga Apartamentos Turisticos, Bormujos, dist. 6.3km
  • 69. Living-Sevilla Apartments Garcia De Vinuesa, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 70. Pension El Arenal, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 71. LEONARDO DA VINCI Hotel, Seville, dist. 6.3km
  • 72. Marengo, Castilleja de la Cuesta, dist. 6.4km
  • 73. Hotel Simon, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 74. LuxSevilla Bormujos, Bormujos, dist. 6.4km
  • 75. VINCCI LA RABIDA Hotel, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 76. Hostal El Cairo, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 77. Dona Manuela, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 78. Hacienda San Ignacio, Castilleja de la Cuesta, dist. 6.4km
  • 79. Asur Santa Barbara, Castilleja de la Cuesta, dist. 6.4km
  • 80. Hotel Palacio Alcazar, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 81. Aptos Covadonga, Bormujos, dist. 6.4km
  • 82. Casas De Santa Cruz, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 83. Ath Santa Barbara, Castilleja de la Cuesta, dist. 6.4km
  • 84. Jentoft, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 85. Ole, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 86. La Casa Del Sol, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 87. Hotel Alcazar, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 88. Hotel Boutique Elvira Plaza, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 89. Res Lagrange Prestige Aspen, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 90. Leflet Castilleja, Castilleja de la Cuesta, dist. 6.4km
  • 91. Domocenter Aatt, Bormujos, dist. 6.4km
  • 92. Domocenter Apartamentos Turisticos Bormujos, Bormujos, dist. 6.4km
  • 93. El Corral de San Jose, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 94. Confortel Puerta de Triana, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 95. Becquer Hotel, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 96. PETIT PALACE MARQUES SANTA ANA Hotel, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 97. Aptos Suites Santa Cruz, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 98. Hosteria del Laurel, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 99. Europa, Seville, dist. 6.4km
  • 100. Suites Sevilla Plaza, Seville, dist. 6.5km
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