Hotels in Heraklion, Greece

Name: Heraklion
Region: Crete
Country: Greece
Population: 137 154 inh.

Best Deals in Heraklion

Creta Hostel
Review Score 5.2
Rethimnou 10, Amoudara Herakliou
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EUR 18
Fifty Shades of Green
Review Score
Eparchiaki Odos Gaziou - Kamariou Heraklion, Kavrokhórion
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EUR 30
Traditional Studio Near Airport and Beach
Review Score 0
Evangelismou 135, Karteros
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EUR 35
Hotel Handakas
Review Score 7.2
September str. 3, Amoudara Herakliou
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EUR 35
Violetta Hotel
Review Score 7.3
195 Andrea Papandreou Str., Amoudara Herakliou
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EUR 37
Antikristo Rooms
Review Score 8.8
αλαιά Εθνική Οδός Αγίου Νικολάου, Karteros
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EUR 37
Evans Hotel
Review Score 6.5
Agiou Fanouriou 14Β, Heraklio Town
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EUR 40
Ermis Apartments
Review Score 0
Dios, Ammoudara , Amoudara Herakliou
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EUR 40
Georgia's Family Apartment
Review Score 9.2
Mnisikli 23, Heraklio Town
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EUR 40
Central Studio
Review Score 0
16 Panasanou, Heraklio Town
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EUR 40

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Hotels & Apartments in Heraklion City Center >>>
  • 1. Galaxy, dist. 0.4km
  • 2. Klio Apart Hotel, dist. 0.5km
  • 3. Galaxy Iraklio Hotel, dist. 0.7km
  • 4. Porto Elounda De Luxe Resort, dist. 1.1km
  • 5. Athinaikon Hotel, dist. 1.1km
  • 6. Palmera Beach Hotel, dist. 1.1km
  • 7. Ourania Apartments, dist. 1.1km
  • 8. Olympic Hotel, dist. 1.1km
  • 9. Lato Boutique Hotel, dist. 1.1km
  • 10. Korifi Studios, dist. 1.1km
  • 11. Capsis Resort Crete, dist. 1.1km
  • 12. Astoria Capsis Hotel, dist. 1.1km
  • 13. Irini Hotel, dist. 1.1km
  • 14. Agrabella Hotel, dist. 1.1km
  • 15. Kastro, dist. 1.1km
  • 16. Apollonia Beach Hotel, dist. 1.1km
  • 17. Marin Dream, dist. 1.1km
  • 18. Astoria Capsis, dist. 1.2km
  • 19. Amazones Sun Studios, dist. 1.2km
  • 20. Castello Hotel, dist. 1.3km
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More about Heraklion, Greece
    City name: Heraklion
    Toponym name: Heraklion
    ASCII name: Irakleion
    Administrative type: seat of a first-order administrative division
    Administrative division level 3: Heraklion 9305
    Administrative division level 2: Irákleion 45
    Administrative division level 1: Crete ESYE43
    Country: Greece
    Country code: GR
    Continent code: EU
    Timezone: GMT 2 Europe/Athens
    Latitude: 35.32787
    Longitude: 25.14341
    Post code:
    Airport IATA: HER
    Population: 137154 inh.

    Alternative names for Heraklion, Crete, Greece:

    bg: Ираклио, ca: Càndia, cs: Iraklio, da: Iraklio, de: Iraklio, el: Ηράκλειο, en: Heraklion, es: Heraklion, fi: Iraklion, fr: Héraklion, he: הרקליון, hu: Iráklio, id: Heraklion, it: Candia, ja: イラクリオン, lv: Iraklija, nl: Iraklion, nn: Iráklio, no: Iráklio, pl: Iraklion, pt: Heraclião, ro: Heraklion, ru: Ираклион, sk: Iraklio, sv: Heraklion, tr: Kandiye, zh-CN: 伊拉克利翁,

Heraklion, Greece Reviews & Notes
    "The photo is from the archaeological site of Knossos, a few kilometers outside the city of Heraklion. It shows the Hall of the Throne. In this area, many people believe that during the Minoan era, a significant political or religious lord sat and listened to his citizens, perhaps even King Minos himself!"

    "Maybe the Mythical Isle of Atlantis??? See my note about Santorini. I was impressed that for Minoan are the amount of infrastructure, running water, covered sewers, and supposedly a labyrinth rumored to contain the Minotaur ? there is much more to se but they are still excavating a lot of it. At one point it is still three stories deep. It was a huge modern city for its area."

    "Fall 1986. I'd been travelling through europe for a few months and fell upon the newly refurbished bathrooms at Knossos with great love and affections. They were brilliant white and so very pristine. This cannot be said of many bathrooms in europe. One does not travel to europe for the bathrooms."

    "The beach is located near the city of Heraklion and is ranked as one of the most beautiful ones in the area. It is not a very long beach, but it is well organized. It will certainly amaze you!"

    "The was used as a leper colony, with the last resident leaving in 1962. I was most interested in the method they buried their dead. The have a tower of sorts where they were buried one on top of the others in a walled outcropping. The shapes, ruins, lighting make this a great place to take some very interesting pics. One odd of note…obey the signs and don't climb up on the roofs of the buildings ..they kinda don't like that…and gel very loudly in Greek…not sure what, but i am pretty sure it was rude."

    "I look back on my travel adventures in Greece in a "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" kind of way. Chasing the end of touist season, we spend three months in Crete moving from small town to small town. Early in our adventure, while traveling across the island, I stumbled upon what I long considered to be a bathroom that was a potential entrance to hell at the Rethymnon bus station. Granted, I was just out of uni and far less travelled that I've had the great luck to be now, I still remember the horror of that small, cramped stall. If satan had popped up through the plumbing, I wouldn't have been surprised at all. Weeks later, toward the end of our time on the island. we visited Knossos. They'd just opened their new washroom facilities, and they were fabulous. Perhaps the entrance to heaven? Staff Challenge 11/14"

    "While on a trip to Crete i read about a walk through a gorge. Being the adventurous sort i elected to go while the wife chilled out by the pool. It was well worth it, the rock formations, how the river disappears under the bedrock several times, and the canyon walls narrow to just a few meters. Again, no filters or editing, the water off Crete is just soo beautiful At the end of the canyons in the small town seen, it is only accessible by boat and there are a lot of cafes to refuel in. I will warn you…it is a hike!! but its worth it if your there!"

    "The other two involved some walking mounted over hired donkeys and others like me decided to walk up all the way. I didn't knew in that moment the in credible amount of donkey wastes spreading all my way. Yoy can see in this photo some examples. Anyway, this was a good decision"

    "Wow, that is all you can say. Santorini is a crescent isle. Legend has it that when the volcano that blew in the center of the old isle is what cause a waive that "sank" Atlantis which is also thought to be Knosos. the lava done is still active and smoking. There is no word to describe Santorini. It is by far one of the most beautiful isles…i recommend you take the Donkeys up and the cable car down…skip the busses…good lord! If you wan to into a church on Crete/Greece expect to wear pants and sleeves, women may not be permitted particularly in the more Orthodox ones. An other than that…try the food…all of it…and drink and be merry!"

    "One of my favorite spots from a trip to Santorini - walk amongst ruins of an old castle, and follow the hiking trail as it snakes back around Skaros rock to reveal an amazing view of the inner bay. Plus, you'll stumble on a picturesque church used in countless publicity photos of Santorini (though rarely visited by visitors). Almost no one comes here - still a hidden gem!"

    ""That thing is going to collapse under us," I said to my friend as she began climbing the dilapidated church. She just shrugged and kept going, "the view from here is MUCH better," she assured me as my cousin and I followed her across the rock wall. By the time I finally sat down, the sun was getting closer to the line of the sea, turning the sky a mixture of blues and yellows, reflecting off the white houses as the crowd began to cheer."

    "Getting married in Germany is not easy. Actually, nothing about living in Germany is easy so when it came time to get married, Paige and I did the sensible thing and went south to Amorgos."

    "One of my favorite islands in the Greek archipelago is Antiparos. I have spent many summer days there. Mostly because there's nothing to do. It is the perfect place to rest after a few hectic days at Paros, Santorini, Naxos, or Ios. Arriving with the ferry to Chora you have hotels, tavernas and beaches within walking distances. But there is one other place of interest. The famous cave up on the hill. You get there with a bus from Chora. The cave has been known for around 2000 years. Lord Byron was here once, and left a message on the wall. So when you get bored sunning on the beach, jump on the bus and head for the cave."