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Name: Lisbon
Region: Lisbon
Country: Portugal
Population: 517 802 inh.

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  • 1. Hotel Olissipo Castelo, dist. 0.2km
  • 2. Hotel OLISSIPPO CASTELO, dist. 0.2km
  • 3. Albergaria Senhora Do Monte, Graça, dist. 0.2km
  • 4. Pensao Nova Goa, Santa Justa, dist. 0.3km
  • 5. Hello Lisbon Apartments Castelo, São Vicente de Fora, dist. 0.4km
  • 6. Mundial, Santa Justa, dist. 0.4km
  • 7. Grande Pensao Residencial Alcobia, Santa Justa, dist. 0.4km
  • 8. Grande Pensao Alcobia, Santa Justa, dist. 0.4km
  • 9. Solar Do Castelo Hotel, Castelo, dist. 0.4km
  • 10. Pensao Praca Da Figueira, Santa Justa, dist. 0.5km
  • 11. evidencia tejo creative, Santa Justa, dist. 0.5km
  • 12. Pensao Residencial Geres, Santa Justa, dist. 0.5km
  • 13. Lisbonview Hostel, São Nicolau, dist. 0.5km
  • 14. Albergaria Palacio Belmonte, Santiago, dist. 0.5km
  • 15. Lavra Guesthouse, Pena, dist. 0.5km
  • 16. Palacio Belmonte, Santiago, dist. 0.5km
  • 17. Lavraguesthouse, Pena, dist. 0.5km
  • 18. Alfama Yellow House, São Vicente de Fora, dist. 0.6km
  • 19. Alfama Pink House, São Vicente de Fora, dist. 0.6km
  • 20. Alfama Red House, São Vicente de Fora, dist. 0.6km
  • 21. The Beautique Hotels Figueira, Santa Justa, dist. 0.6km
  • 22. Solar Dos Mouros, Santiago, dist. 0.6km
  • 23. residencial modelo ro, Santa Justa, dist. 0.6km
  • 24. Internacional Design Hotel, São Nicolau, dist. 0.6km
  • 25. Santa Justa Lisboa, São Nicolau, dist. 0.6km
  • 26. Metropole Lis, Santa Justa, dist. 0.6km
  • 27. Pensao Flor Da Baixa, Santa Justa, dist. 0.6km
  • 28. Dos Anjos, Anjos, dist. 0.6km
  • 29. Pensao Residencial Portuense, Santa Justa, dist. 0.6km
  • 30. Hostel4U, Madalena, dist. 0.6km
  • 31. Residencial Florescente, Pena, dist. 0.6km
  • 32. Go Lisbon Hostel, Anjos, dist. 0.6km
  • 33. Rossio Garden Hotel, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 34. Pensao Santo Tirso, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 35. Hotel Americano, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 36. Residencial Sul Downtown, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 37. Metropole, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 38. New Aljubarrota, São Nicolau, dist. 0.7km
  • 39. Altis Avenida, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 40. Albergaria Residencial Insulana, São Nicolau, dist. 0.7km
  • 41. Residencial Americano, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 42. Downtown Hostel, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 43. 2 Br, Apartment, Kitchen, Sleeps 4 - Rpe 275, Santo Estêvão, dist. 0.7km
  • 44. VIP Eden, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 45. VIP Executive Suites Eden, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 46. Pensao Estacao Central, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 47. 2 Br, Apartment, Kitchen, Sleeps 4 - Rpe 276, Santo Estêvão, dist. 0.7km
  • 48. The Art Inn Lisbon, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 49. Avenida Palace, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 50. Gat Rossio, Santa Justa, dist. 0.7km
  • 51. Hotel Metropole, Sacramento, dist. 0.7km
  • 52. Golden Tram 242 Lisbonne Hostel, São Nicolau, dist. 0.7km
  • 53. Res Castromira, Anjos, dist. 0.7km
  • 54. Lisbon Short Stay Baixa, São Nicolau, dist. 0.7km
  • 55. Lisbon Alfama Fado Museum I, São Miguel, dist. 0.7km
  • 56. Lisboa Prata Boutique Hotel, São Nicolau, dist. 0.7km
  • 57. Lisbon Apartments - Baixa, São Nicolau, dist. 0.7km
  • 58. Smile Hostel, Madalena, dist. 0.7km
  • 59. Lisbon Alfama Fado Museum 2, São Miguel, dist. 0.7km
  • 60. Memmo Alfama, Sé, dist. 0.7km
  • 61. Residencial Duas Nacoes, São Nicolau, dist. 0.7km
  • 62. residencial sul, Anjos, dist. 0.8km
  • 63. Baixa Deluxe - 1 Br Apartment - Rpe 1684, Madalena, dist. 0.8km
  • 64. Baixa Deluxe - 2 Br Apartment - Rpe 1598, Madalena, dist. 0.8km
  • 65. Browns Hotel & Apartments, São Nicolau, dist. 0.8km
  • 66. Lisbon Alfama - National Phanteon, São Vicente de Fora, dist. 0.8km
  • 67. Browns Downtown, São Nicolau, dist. 0.8km
  • 68. Residencial Castromira, Anjos, dist. 0.8km
  • 69. Pouso Dos Anjos, Anjos, dist. 0.8km
  • 70. Brown's Downtown, São Nicolau, dist. 0.8km
  • 71. avenida liberdade, São José, dist. 0.8km
  • 72. Heritage Avenida Liberdade, São José, dist. 0.8km
  • 73. Palacete Chafariz Del Rei, Sé, dist. 0.8km
  • 74. Hotel Do Chiado Corporate, São Nicolau, dist. 0.8km
  • 75. Bessahotel Lisboa, São José, dist. 0.8km
  • 76. Apartamentos Turisticos Auris, Madalena, dist. 0.8km
  • 77. Auris Apartments, Madalena, dist. 0.8km
  • 78. Lisboa Carmo Hotel, Sacramento, dist. 0.8km
  • 79. Hotel Do Chiado, São Nicolau, dist. 0.8km
  • 80. My Story Hotel Ouro, São Nicolau, dist. 0.8km
  • 81. Vincci Baixa, Madalena, dist. 0.9km
  • 82. Lisboa Regency Chiado, São Nicolau, dist. 0.9km
  • 83. Sweet Lisbon Guesthouse, São Vicente de Fora, dist. 0.9km
  • 84. Sweet Lisbon Guesthouse Shared Bath Baño Compartido, São Vicente de Fora, dist. 0.9km
  • 85. Turim Suisso Atlantico, São José, dist. 0.9km
  • 86. Suico Atlantico, São José, dist. 0.9km
  • 87. Bessahotel Liberdade, São José, dist. 0.9km
  • 88. residencial monumental, São José, dist. 0.9km
  • 89. Pensao Monumental, São José, dist. 0.9km
  • 90. The Lisbonaire Apartments, São José, dist. 0.9km
  • 91. Lisbon City Hotel, Anjos, dist. 0.9km
  • 92. Garret 48 Apartaments, Sacramento, dist. 0.9km
  • 93. Teatro Bed & Breakfast, Sacramento, dist. 0.9km
  • 94. Residencia Oliveira, São Vicente de Fora, dist. 0.9km
  • 95. Pensao Residencial Estrela Dos Santos, Anjos, dist. 0.9km
  • 96. Inn Fashion Residence, São José, dist. 1km
  • 97. Mercy, Sacramento, dist. 1km
  • 98. Lisbon Serviced Apartments Cais Do Sodre, Encarnação, dist. 1km
  • 99. Lisbon Apartments Cais Do Sodre, Encarnação, dist. 1km
  • 100. Hello Lisbon Santa Apolonia, São Vicente de Fora, dist. 1km
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City name: Lisbon
Toponym name: Lisbon
ASCII name: Lisbon
Administrative type: capital of a political entity
Administrative division level 3: Socorro 110653
Administrative division level 2: Lisbon 1106
Administrative division level 1: Lisbon 14
Country: Portugal
Country code: PT
Continent code: EU
Timezone: GMT 0 Europe/Lisbon
Latitude: 38.71667
Longitude: -9.13333
Post code:
Airport IATA: LIS
Population: 517802 inh.

Alternative names for Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal:

af: Lissabon, am: ሊዝቦን, ar: لشبونة, arc: ܠܫܒܘܢܐ, ast: Lisboa, be: Лісабон, bg: Лисабон, br: Lisbon, bs: Lisabon, ca: Lisboa, co: Lisbona, cs: Lisabon, cy: Lisbon, da: Lissabon, de: Lissabon, el: Λισαβώνα, en: Lisbon, eo: Lisbono, es: Lisboa, et: Lissabon, eu: Lisboa, fa: لیسبون, fi: Lissabon, fr: Lisbonne, frp: Lisbona, ga: Liospóin, gd: Lisbon, gl: Lisboa, hbs: Lisabon, he: ליסבון, hi: लिस्बन, hr: Lisabon, hu: Lisszabon, hy: Լիսբոնա, id: Lisboa, io: Lisboa, is: Lissabon, it: Lisbona, ja: リスボン, ka: ლისაბონი, ko: 리스본, la: Felicitas Julia, lb: Lissabon, lt: Lisabona, lv: Lisabona, mh: Lisbon, mr: लिस्बन, ms: Lisbon, nds: Lissabon, nl: Lissabon, nn: Lisboa, no: Lisboa, oc: Lisbona, pl: Lizbona, pt: Lisboa, qu: Lisboa, ro: Lisabona, ru: Лиссабон, sa: लिस्बन, sc: Lisbona, scn: Lisbona, sk: Lisabon, sl: Lizbona, sr: Лисабон, sv: Lissabon, tet: Lizboa, tg: Лиссабон, th: ลิสบอน, tr: Lizbon, ty: Lisboa, ug: لىسابون, vi: Lisboa, zh-CN: 里斯本,
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