Hotels & Apartments in Lubumbashi

Name: Lubumbashi
Region: Haut-Katanga
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Population: 1 373 770 inh.

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Hotels in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo Reviews & Notes
    "My family, a guide, and a guard were out for a hike in the bush, tracking lions by their footprints and the warning sounds of birds. Walking along the edge of the river, we had to stay a bit away from the edge as to not cause an avalanche into the crocodile and hippo infested waters below. This, however, meant that we could not see directly below the ledge. Suddenly, the guard told us to hush. He listened, peeked over the edge, and told us to silently hide behind a fallen tree. We did, as well as we could. The guide faced away and kept his eye out behind us, just in case another hippo, a leopard, or a lion decided it was an opportune moment to stop by. A few seconds after we reached the tree, a giant hippo charged up the bank. It glanced around, and luckily didn't see, hear, or smell us (or did and decided we weren't worth charging at), and ran, fast, into brush in search of a sausage fruit breakfast."

    "Here's the first lion we saw. It was at night from the Land Rover. Almost all the animals ignore the vehicles. You can stand up but never get out. The guides say the Chinese tourists are the worst. (I'm Chinese, so guess its ok to say this). They all want a picture with the animals. Our guide told us once he had a group of Chinese in multiple Land Rovers. Without any warning one Chinese guy got out and went to the car behind them to get his friend so they could take a picture w the Lion."

    "We went to see a small village farm in Zambia that works w Comaco. Comaco is a non-profit that works w Zambian farmers to reduce elephant poaching by giving villagers an alternative livelihood thru farming of rice, soy and ground nuts. They provide farming instruction and advice and buy their crops, processing them into end products like peanut butter. While my wife spoke the the farmers, a crowd of kids gathered around our kids. Here is our daughter taking pictures of them and showing them the photos on the camera display. They probably have never seen themselves on anything but a mirror before."

    "My favorite tree. Unfortunately it's also a favorite tree of for the elephants. They can chew their way right thru a tree trunk, and the baobab tree trunks are truly massive. It makes a sequoia tree look skinny. But the baobab wood is pretty soft, and it decomposes quickly when felled. Our guide showed us one fallen tree which fell about a year ago. The stump was a soft mass about 5 feet high. My second favorite tree is the lead wood tree. They made a stool out of it at camp about 2 feet high, and I could barely budge it."

    "One night we heard a lion roar. It wasn't so much a real roar as it was a chuffing sound. So the next morning our guide took us in search of the lions coming into the Chindini area. Our camp host was upset bc the territory belonged to Mr Chendini, the resident leopard. And any lions coming in would push out the leopard. We found them pretty quickly on the oxbow plains. At least four cubs. The guide said it was pretty strange to see them without any adult lions on guard. Almost on cue a hyena came into view and headed toward the lions. The guide was a bit worried bc an adult hyena would try to kill any unattended lion cubs. The cubs tried to get to the other side of a stream and was wandering up and down the shore looking for a crossing. Finally one cub jumped into the water and hopped across the shallow stream. One by one the cubs jumped in and got a crossed until there was only one left. That cub growled at the water, but the other cubs were heading off. So he finally jumped in and got across."

    "Tourists swim by the edge of the Victoria Falls at Devil's pool. I cannot say it is my thing. But a lot of people visiting do it. Most just wade and bath when going into the infinity pool. At center, the falls are 355 ft high."

    "it isn't as scary as it looks, and certainly a vista well worth any trepidation. I'm glad we did this, b/c from the ground, you really have no idea of the true scale of Victoria Falls."

    "Mutichakwa has studied the Growth Opportunities and Constraints for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector. UN documents were used for the study."

    "We did a simple practical at school that separated the DNA of a Kiwi fruit from the rest of it's components. Was really interesting and only required methylated spirit and washing liquid."

    "The whole day was dedicated to the interhouse athletics which was a beautiful sunny day. It was great fun with lots of good war cries and team spirit. Gabriel, the green house, were the ultimate winners."

    "Girls played their big tournament. Chisi and Hellenic battled it off in the final and in a very close match Chisi won. The support was great and the crowd was huge."

    "This has got to be one of the best if not the best restaurant in Zimbabwe I even had my wedding reception here. The food is excellent, the venue is excellent, the service is excellent...Nothing more to say other than that you really need to go eat here!"

    "My favorite park, Ruaha, and my favorite place in East Africa - Mwaguzi River Camp. Everytime going there, I'm amazed of the rich wildlife, and the scenery to die for, straight from the Eden - baobabs, hills and small rivers. Chris Fox, the owner of the camp, is also such a wonderful host, and devoted nature enthusiastic. Remembering warmly bonfires in the evening before the dinner, sharing stories with others about the game drive or nature walks... Hope to be there soon again."

    "This was my first trip to Africa, and the last trip (so far, at least) that we would make with our group of roughly 8 friends, who have traveled to various countries around the world together. (We are now all waiting for our kids to grow older so that we can take them back to these places that we enjoyed visiting so much.) This was the first scene of our first safari drive of our first day in the Duba Plains of the Okavango Delta... so much wildlife here!"

    "Yeah, I know it's the same sun as the one we have at home. But there's something different about the sunsets in Africa that make them spectacular. I remember how the air would become cool almost as soon as the sun disappeared. I remember laughing with my friends over "sundowner" drinks. And I remember hoping that the light would hold out just a few minutes longer."

    "At times, our Range Rover would literally be driving through water, with the water line near the top of the hood. We were in the Okavango Delta, after all."

    "There is a game of chess played out day in and day out in the Okavango Delta, between the lions and the water buffalo. The water buffalo here are unique in that they actually stand their ground against the lions, instead of running away. We were witnesses to this chess game, and it was often dramatic."

    "one of the most stunning little towns. hike up to a field before sunset, soak up the folds of the mountains and the tickles of the flowers scattered about and you'll never want to leave. gorgeous. the local primary school is full of some of the most beautiful souls i've ever met, an absolute blessing. all my love x"

    "It's just on 20 years since I went to Africa on an adventure. I met a guy there. Crazy Canadian dude. He is now my husband of 18 years. We now have our own two beautiful little ones - who are now nearly taller than us unlike these pygmy kids who were keen to come home with us."

    "Hanging out in a luxurious hut at the bushcamp in the Okavango Delta. Nearest tiny village was 45km away, and not accessible by road. We had to fly into a dirt runway. An unattended runway in the middle of nowhere. The whole Okavango Delta is a maze of small islands amidst a flooded alluvial plain. The area is part of the Kalahari Desert, and floods when the rains run down from the mtns of Angola three months after their rainy season. This morning we awoke in the pre-dawn darkness to a crunching sound right outside our hut. A humongous tusked elephant had come into camp and was nibbling on the trees beside our bathroom. There is nothing weirder than using the bathroom and then hearing an elephant from 6 feet away. With only a wooden wall between us. Our elephant then made her way over to the kids hut. Dawn was breaking so you could make out our elephant pretty clearly now. She was munching on a tree maybe ten feet from their deck wall, made out of sturdy 2x6" plants. The kids peered out from between the gaps. She looked right at them and then walked right up to the wall. Kids were thrilled and chilled. At one point I got too close and she snorted , fanned her ears out, and took a quick step toward me. I got the message."

    "Our trip required us to take a 4-hour flight from Botswana to Namibia. Because there wasn't a single plane big enough for our group of 7 (!), we had to split up into 2 single-propeller Cessna planes. We then proceeded to fly across the continent in the middle of the afternoon, when the heat would be rising off the ground most prominently. Thereby causing heat columns. Thereby causing turbulence. During the flight, I tried to relax, but not too much because I needed to pee. (Indeed, there is no bathroom on a single-propeller Cessna.) In contrast, here's a photo of my boyfriend (now husband) in the co-pilot's seat, having fallen asleep reading the airplane manual. Later, there would actually be a fifth hour of flying in order to get to our tented camp, but we don't like to talk about that."

    "elephant family behavior is the most fascinating thing. this baby elephant can't yet digest the tall grass that grows at the Okavango Delta. but he watches his mom and other herd members pulling out tufts of grass w their trunks, and beating them to loosen the grain, then he mimics their efforts. He also tries to protect himself by keeping his mom's body between himself and our land cruiser."

    "alright. maybe there are no jaguars in Botswana, and this is really a leopard. but for some reason jaguar kept coming out of my mouth. It got so bad that even my safari guide called them jaguars. Whatever they are, they are really beautiful animals"

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