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Name: Managua
Region: Managua
Country: Nicaragua
Population: 973 087 inh.
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More about Managua, Nicaragua
    City name: Managua
    Toponym name: Managua
    ASCII name: Managua
    Administrative type: capital of a political entity
    Administrative division level 3:
    Administrative division level 2:
    Administrative division level 1: Managua 10
    Country: Nicaragua
    Country code: NI
    Continent code: NA
    Timezone: GMT -6 America/Managua
    Latitude: 12.13282
    Longitude: -86.2504
    Post code:
    Airport IATA: MGA
    Population: 973087 inh.

    Alternative names for Managua, Managua, Nicaragua:

    am: ማናጓ, ar: ماناغوا, ay: Manawa, az: Manaqua, be: Горад Манагуа, bg: Манагуа, bo: མ་ན་གུ་འ།, bs: Managua, ca: Managua, ce: Манагуа, cs: Managua, da: Managua, de: Managua, el: Μανάγουα, en: Managua, eo: Managvo, es: Managua, eu: Managua, fa: ماناگوآ, fi: Managua, fr: Managua, fy: Managûa, he: מנגואה, ht: Managoua, hy: Մանագուա, id: Managua, io: Managua, is: Managva, it: Managua, ja: マナグア, ka: მანაგუა, ko: 마나과, lt: Managva, lv: Managva, mk: Манагва, mn: Манагуа, mr: मानाग्वा, nah: Mānāhuac, nl: Managua, no: Managua, oc: Managua, os: Манагуæ, pa: ਮਾਨਾਗੁਆ, pl: Managua, pt: Manágua, ru: Манагуа, sah: Манагуа, sk: Managua, sr: Манагва, sv: Managua, ta: மனாகுவா, th: มานากัว, tr: Managua, ug: ماناگۇئا, uk: Манагуа, ur: ماناگوا, zh: 馬納瓜, zh-TW: 馬拿瓜,
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