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Name: Manchester
Region: England
Country: United Kingdom
Population: 395 515 inh.
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    City name: Manchester
    Toponym name: Manchester
    ASCII name: Manchester
    Administrative type: seat of a second-order administrative division
    Administrative division level 3:
    Administrative division level 2: Manchester I2
    Administrative division level 1: England ENG
    Country: United Kingdom
    Country code: GB
    Continent code: EU
    Timezone: GMT 0 Europe/London
    Latitude: 53.48095
    Longitude: -2.23743
    Post code:
    Airport IATA: MAN
    Population: 395515 inh.

    Alternative names for Manchester, England, United Kingdom:

    am: ማንችስተር, ang: Mameceaster, ar: مانشستر, arz: مانشستر, az: منچئستئر, be: Горад Манчэстэр, bg: Манчестър, bn: ম্যানচেস্টার, br: Manchester, cs: Manchester, cy: Manceinion, da: Manchester, de: Manchester, el: Μάντσεστερ, en: Manchester, eo: Manchester, es: Mánchester, eu: Manchester, fa: منچستر, fi: Manchester, fr: Manchester, ga: Manchain, gd: Manchester, gl: Manchester, gv: Manchuin, he: מנצ'סטר, hi: मैन्चेस्टर, hr: Manchester, hu: Manchester, id: Manchester, is: Manchester, it: Manchester, ja: マンチェスター, ka: მანჩესტერი, kk: Манчестер, kn: ಮ್ಯಾಂಚೆಸ್ಟರ್, ko: 맨체스터, la: Mancunium, lt: Mančesteris, lv: Mančestra, mk: Манчестер, ml: മാഞ്ചസ്റ്റർ, mr: मँचेस्टर, nl: Manchester, nn: Manchester, no: Manchester, nrm: Manchêtre, os: Манчестер, pl: Manchester, pnb: مانچسٹر, pt: Manchester, ro: Manchester, ru: Манчестер, scn: Manchester, sl: Manchester, sr: Манчестер, sv: Manchester, ta: மான்செஸ்டர், te: మాంచెస్టర్, th: แมนเชสเตอร์, tr: Manchester, ug: Manchéstér, uk: Манчестер, vi: Manchester, yi: מאנטשעסטער, zh-CN: 曼彻斯特,
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