Hotels & Apartments in Nadvirna

Name: Nadvirna
Region: Ivano-Frankivsk
Country: Ukraine
Population: 20 154 inh.

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Hotels in Nadvirna, Ukraine
Nadvirna, Ukraine Reviews & Notes
    "Dragobrat is the settlement in Carpathian mountains, which is constructed for tourists by local population that lives in villages downhills. The settlement does not have permanent citizens, people live here only in touristic seasons."

    "Joel Reich and Sprinca Margulies were married in Jasło (Poland) on December 26, 1933. Joel was born in Brzozów (Poland/Austria-Hungary) to Abraham and Chaje (née Willner) Reich on January 10, 1905. He and his parents had moved to Vienna ten years earlier. Sprinca Margulies was born in Czudec (Poland/Austria-Hungary) to Aby and Laje Margulies on November 10, 1906. Sprinca had lived with her family in Jasło since 1911. [Reich Family Papers: 2009.0.86.22]"

    "Mother and father of one of the parents of my paternal grandmother. That puts them at living in the mid 1800's. The great-great-grandfather died at 104. He lived so long, a local newspaper interviewed him asking him what allows him to live so long. His answer: "I don't drink that much vodka." My great-grandparents (generation after the people pictured here) were around 20 in 1908 when they came to the United States for a while. They had a bunch of kids, then went back to Poland after WWI - hey, what's the worst that could happen now? - and had more kids for a total of 11. Genealogy keywords: kicin, bialopole, poland, polska, krzywicki, witek"

    "A beautiful gem in the southern Carpathians... Between and ontop of hills you'll find a historic village, dating back to around 1600... being Vlad Dracula's birthplace, it draws tourists here - but the old town (citadel) offers far more. Little, colourful houses along narrow streets add Mediterranean flair, hiking up the covered staircase to the church offers a stunning view and invites to stroll through the old cementary..."

    "The biggest castle (Spis castle) and the highest mountains (High Tatras) of Slovakia in one stunning panorama. Don't forget to bring your camera! A good telephoto lens is also recommended."

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  • 39. Premier Hotel Dnister, Lviv, dist. 139.7km
  • 40. Grand, Lviv, dist. 139.8km
  • 41. Leopolis Hotel, Lviv, dist. 139.9km
  • 42. Reikartz Dworzec, Lviv, dist. 140km
  • 43. Edem Hotel, Lviv, dist. 140km
  • 44. Reikartz Medeivale, Lviv, dist. 140km
  • 45. Panorama Lviv Hotel, Lviv, dist. 140.1km
  • 46. Opera, Lviv, dist. 140.2km
  • 47. Reikartz Medievale, Lviv, dist. 140.2km
  • 48. Astoria, Lviv, dist. 140.2km
  • 49. Kavalier Boutique Hotel, Lviv, dist. 140.3km
  • 50. Ramada Lviv, Lviv, dist. 140.6km
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  • 52. Zimbru, Suceava, Romania, dist. 143.2km
  • 53. Drevny Grad, Lviv, dist. 143.8km
  • 54. Gala Hotel, Khmelnytskyi, dist. 147.2km
  • 55. Reikartz Kamianets Podilsky, Khmelnytskyi, dist. 147.6km
  • 56. Roua Voronetului, Suceava, Romania, dist. 155.5km
  • 57. Pensiunea Carmen Silvae, Suceava, Romania, dist. 155.6km
  • 58. Best Western Bucovina Club De Munte, Suceava, Romania, dist. 156.1km
  • 59. Dana 2, Satu Mare, Romania, dist. 156.8km
  • 60. Aurora, Satu Mare, Romania, dist. 156.9km
  • 61. Pensiunea Valeria Voronet, Suceava, Romania, dist. 157.3km
  • 62. Dana, Satu Mare, Romania, dist. 159.9km
  • 63. Diana, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Romania, dist. 166.1km
  • 64. Continental Arcasul, Suceava, Romania, dist. 166.3km
  • 65. Pensiunea Leaganul Bucovinei, Suceava, Romania, dist. 166.4km
  • 66. Castel Dracula, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Romania, dist. 166.7km
  • 67. Hotel Bistrita, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Romania, dist. 166.7km
  • 68. Reikartz Pochayiv, Ternopil, dist. 166.7km
  • 69. Continental Hotel Suceava, Suceava, Romania, dist. 166.8km
  • 70. Daily Plaza, Suceava, Romania, dist. 167.1km
  • 71. Sonnenhof, Suceava, Romania, dist. 167.1km
  • 72. Gloria, Suceava, Romania, dist. 167.2km
  • 73. Best Western Bucovina, Suceava, Romania, dist. 167.2km
  • 74. Pensiunea RAPSODIA, Suceava, Romania, dist. 167.4km
  • 75. Old Continent Hotel, Zakarpattia, dist. 167.5km
  • 76. Praha Accord Hotel, Zakarpattia, dist. 169.3km
  • 77. Arlamow Rezydencja, Gmina Ustrzyki Dolne, Powiat bieszczadzki, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland, dist. 177.2km
  • 78. Arlamow Hotel, Przemyśl, Przemyśl, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland, dist. 183.2km
  • 79. Hotel Best Western Rapsodia, Botoşani, Romania, dist. 184.3km
  • 80. Hotel Best Western Meses, Sălaj, Romania, dist. 197.5km
  • 81. Best Western Hotel Karpatia, , Slovakia, dist. 197.7km
  • 82. Doina, Neamţ, Romania, dist. 207.8km
  • 83. Paradis Hotel, Cluj, Romania, dist. 218.4km
  • 84. Sungarden Golf & Spa Resort, Cluj, Romania, dist. 218.5km
  • 85. Premier Cluj, Cluj, Romania, dist. 219km
  • 86. Hampton By Hilton Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania, dist. 219.1km
  • 87. Onix Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Romania, dist. 219.4km
  • 88. Alexis, Cluj, Romania, dist. 219.5km
  • 89. Beyfin, Cluj, Romania, dist. 219.7km
  • 90. Belvedere, Cluj, Romania, dist. 219.7km
  • 91. Royal Classic, Cluj, Romania, dist. 219.8km
  • 92. Meteor, Cluj, Romania, dist. 219.9km
  • 93. Agape Hotel, Cluj, Romania, dist. 219.9km
  • 94. City Central, Cluj, Romania, dist. 220.1km
  • 95. Best Western Hotel Topaz, Cluj, Romania, dist. 220.1km
  • 96. Opera Plaza, Cluj, Romania, dist. 220.1km
  • 97. City Plaza Hotel, Cluj, Romania, dist. 220.1km
  • 98. Continental (Napoca), Cluj, Romania, dist. 220.2km
  • 99. Hotel Deja Vu, Cluj, Romania, dist. 220.2km
  • 100. Hotel Opal, Cluj, Romania, dist. 220.3km
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