Hotels in Novyy-Rogachik, Russia

Novyy Rogachik, Volgograd, Russia
Population: 7 575 inh.

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Hotels in Novyy Rogachik, Volgograd, Russia


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Hotels Around the Centre of Novyy-Rogachik
  • 1. Hampton By Hilton Volgograd, dist. 32.1km
  • 2. Hamton By Hilton Volgograd Profsoyuznaya, dist. 32.1km
  • 3. Art Volzhsky, dist. 58km
  • 4. Best Eastern Petropavlovsk, , dist. 90.5km
  • 5. Term Hotel, Voronezj, dist. 277km
  • 6. Best Western Premier Bellevue Rheinhotel, Voronezj, dist. 289.5km
Hotels Around Landmarks of Novyy-Rogachik
  • 1. Gorodishchenskiy Kanal, dist. 28.3km
  • 2. Volgo-Donskoy Sudokhodnyy Kanal Imeni Vladimira Il’icha Lenina, dist. 40.6km
  • 3. Volgo-Akhtubinskiy Kanal, dist. 43.3km
  • 4. Sredneakhtubinskiy Kanal, dist. 64.1km
  • 5. Kanal Otvodnoy, dist. 69.8km
  • 6. Kanal Vostochnyy Nagornyy, dist. 71.8km
  • 7. Kanal R-Tri, dist. 80.7km
  • 8. Kanal R-Dva, Astrakhan, dist. 83km
  • 9. Ushakovskiy Kanal, , dist. 83.7km
  • 10. Chirskiy Kanal, dist. 129.4km
  • 11. Donskoy Magistral’nyy Kanal, Rostov, dist. 190.7km
  • 12. Orlovskiy Raspredelitel’nyy Kanal, Rostov, dist. 210km
  • 13. Verkhne-Sal’skiy Kanal, Rostov, dist. 217.3km
  • 14. Kladbishche Opat, Batys Qazaqstan, Kazakhstan, dist. 255.5km
  • 15. Nizhnedonskoy Kanal, Rostov, dist. 263.4km
  • 16. Sheptyrskiy Canal, Kalmykiya, dist. 266km
  • 17. Donskoy Magistral’nyy Kanal, Rostov, dist. 267.2km
  • 18. Kanal Proletarskaya Vetv’, Rostov, dist. 268km
  • 19. Kladbishche Kokmola, Batys Qazaqstan, Kazakhstan, dist. 270.9km
  • 20. Sadkovskiy Kanal, Rostov, dist. 277.7km
  • 21. Kanal Proletarskaya Vetv’, Rostov, dist. 281.4km
  • 22. Gashunskiy Kanal, Kalmykiya, dist. 286.6km
  • 23. Yashkul’skiy Raspredelitel’, Kalmykiya, dist. 286.7km
  • 24. Bagayevskiy Kanal, Rostov, dist. 287.8km
  • 25. Kladbishche Karms, Astrakhan, dist. 290.6km
  • 26. Raspredelitel’nyy Kanal Rostovskiy Nomer Chetyre, Kalmykiya, dist. 297km
  • 27. Raspredelitel’nyy Kanal Rostov Nomer Pyat’, , dist. 298.2km
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Hotels in Novyy Rogachik, Volgograd, Russia

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Hotels in Novyy Rogachik, Volgograd, Russia