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Name: Palikir
Region: Pohnpei
Country: Micronesia
Population: 0 inh.
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South Park Hotel Micronesia
South Park Hotel Micronesia
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P.O. Box 829 Pohnpei, Kolonia
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  • 1. C-Star Apartelle, Nett Municipality, dist. 4.5km
  • 2. Ocean View Plaza Hotel, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 5.9km
  • 3. Penny Hotel, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 6.5km
  • 4. Cliff Rainbow Hotel, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 6.7km
  • 5. South Park Hotel, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 6.7km
  • 6. Yvonne's Hotel, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 7.1km
  • 7. Joy Hotel, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 7.1km
  • 8. Nara Gardens Hotel, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 7.4km
  • 9. Sea Breeze Hotel, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 7.4km
  • 10. China Star Hotel, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 7.6km
  • 11. Pwohmaria Beach Resort, Kolonia Municipality, dist. 7.7km
  • 12. PCR Hotel, Nett Municipality, dist. 7.7km
  • 13. Lenger Island Resort, Nett Municipality, dist. 10.8km
  • 14. Lenger Sunset Resort, Nett Municipality, dist. 11km
  • 15. The Village Hotel, U Municipality, dist. 12.5km
More about Palikir, Micronesia
    City name: Palikir
    Toponym name: Palikir
    ASCII name: Palikir - National Government Center
    Administrative type: capital of a political entity
    Administrative division level 3:
    Administrative division level 2: Sokehs Municipality SO
    Administrative division level 1: Pohnpei 02
    Country: Micronesia
    Country code: FM
    Continent code: OC
    Timezone: GMT 11 Pacific/Pohnpei
    Latitude: 6.92477
    Longitude: 158.16109
    Post code:
    Airport IATA:
    Population: 0 inh.

    Alternative names for Palikir, Pohnpei, Micronesia:

    am: ፓሊኪር, ca: Palikir, da: Palakir, de: Palikir, el: Παλιρίκ, en: Palikir, es: Palikir, eu: Palikir, fi: Palikir, fr: Palikir, he: פליקיר, hy: Պալիկիր, it: Palikir, ja: パリキール, ko: 팔리키르, lt: Palikyras, nl: Palikir, no: Palikir, pl: Palikir, pt: Palikir, ru: Паликир, sk: Palikir, sv: Palikir, th: ปาลีกีร์, tr: Palikir, zh: 帕利基尔,

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