Hotels in Paris, France

Name: Paris
Region: Île-de-France
Country: France
Population: 2 138 551 inh.

Best Deals in Paris

Première Classe Rosny Sous Bois
Review Score 6.7
3 Rue De Lisbonne, Rosny-sous-Bois
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EUR 33
hotelF1 Saint Denis Centre Basilique
Review Score 6.2
11 avenue Lénine, Saint-Denis
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EUR 34
Kyriad Paris Ouest - Villeneuve la Garenne
Review Score 6.5
80 Boulevard Charles De Gaulle, Villeneuve-la-Garenne
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EUR 34
Hotel de l'Europe Belleville
Review Score 4.9
10, Rue Louis Bonnet, 11th arr., Paris
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EUR 35
Première Classe Paris-Ouest Gennevilliers
Review Score 7.5
Zac Des Barbanniers Avenue Du Général De Gaulle, Gennevilliers
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EUR 37
Hôtel Rachel
Review Score 6.7
1, Rue Du Capitaine Soyer, Le Pré-Saint-Gervais
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EUR 37
Hipotel Paris Belleville Gare de l'Est
Review Score 4.7
21 Rue Vicq D'azir, 10th arr., Paris
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EUR 37
ibis budget Orly Chevilly Tram 7
Review Score 7.3
72, Avenue de Stalingrad RN 7, Chevilly-Larue
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EUR 37
hotelf1 Paris Porte de Montmartre
Review Score 5.3
29 rue du docteur Babinski, 18th arr., Paris
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EUR 37
hotelF1 Gennevilliers Asnières
Review Score 5.1
Avenue Laurent Cély, Gennevilliers
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EUR 37

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  • 1. Le Notre Dame Hotel, dist. 0.2km
  • 2. Hotel Le Colbert, dist. 0.2km
  • 3. Exclusive Les Rives Notre Dame, dist. 0.2km
  • 4. Meliá Colbert Boutique Hotel, dist. 0.2km
  • 5. Hotel Henri Iv Rive Gauche, dist. 0.3km
  • 6. Hotel Des Academies Et Arts, dist. 0.3km
  • 7. hotel notre dame maitre albert, dist. 0.3km
  • 8. Hotel Europe Saint Severin Paris, dist. 0.3km
  • 9. Quartier Latin 4F, dist. 0.3km
  • 10. Hotel parc saint severin, dist. 0.4km
  • 11. Hotel Le Clos Notre Dame, dist. 0.4km
  • 12. BEST WESTERN PREMIER Royal Saint Michel, dist. 0.4km
  • 13. Des Grands Hommes Pantheon, dist. 0.4km
  • 14. Abbatial Saint Germain, dist. 0.4km
  • 15. Home Latin, dist. 0.4km
  • 16. Best Western Le Jardin de Cluny, dist. 0.4km
  • 17. Hotel Mercure Paris Notre Dame, dist. 0.4km
  • 18. Relais Hotel Vieux Paris, dist. 0.4km
  • 19. Hotel Cluny Square, dist. 0.5km
  • 20. Albe Hotel, dist. 0.5km
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More about Paris, France
    City name: Paris
    Toponym name: Paris
    ASCII name: Paris
    Administrative type: capital of a political entity
    Administrative division level 3: Paris 751
    Administrative division level 2: Paris 75
    Administrative division level 1: Île-de-France 11
    Country: France
    Country code: FR
    Continent code: EU
    Timezone: GMT 1 Europe/Paris
    Latitude: 48.85341
    Longitude: 2.3488
    Post code: 75000
    Airport IATA: PAR
    Population: 2138551 inh.

    Alternative names for Paris, Île-de-France, France:

    af: Parys, als: Paris, am: ፓሪስ, an: París, ar: باريس, arc: ܦܐܪܝܣ, arz: باريس, ast: París, ba: Париж, be: Горад Парыж, bg: Париж, bn: প্যারিস, bo: ཕ་རི།, br: Pariz, bs: Pariz, ca: París, ckb: پاریس, co: Parighji, cs: Paříž, cu: Парижь, cv: Парис, cy: Paris, da: Paris, de: Paris, el: Παρίσι, en: Paris, eo: Parizo, es: París, et: Pariis, eu: Paris, ext: París, fa: پاریس, fi: Pariisi, fr: Paris, fur: Parîs, fy: Parys, ga: Páras, gan: 巴黎, gd: Paris, gl: París, gn: Parĩ, gu: પૅરિસ, gv: Paarys, ha: Pariis, haw: Palika, hbs: Pariz, he: פריז, hi: पैरिस, hr: Pariz, hu: Párizs, hy: Փարիզ, ia: Paris, id: Paris, io: Paris, is: París, it: Parigi, ja: パリ, jbo: paris, ka: პარიზი, kk: Париж, km: ប៉ារីស, kn: ಪ್ಯಾರಿಸ್, ko: 파리, krc: Париж, ksh: Paris, ku: Parîs, kv: Париж, kw: Paris, ky: Париж, la: Lutetia, lad: Paris, lb: Paräis, li: Paries, lij: Pariggi, lmo: Paris, ln: Pari, lt: Paryžius, lv: Parīze, mg: Paris, mhr: Париж, mi: Parī, mk: Париз, ml: പാരിസ്, mn: Парис, mr: पॅरिस, mrj: Париж, ms: Paris, my: ပါရီမြို့, myv: Париж ош, mzn: پاریس, na: Paris, nap: Parigge, nds: Paris, ne: पेरिस, nl: Parijs, nn: Paris, no: Paris, oc: París, olo: Pariižu, os: Париж, pa: ਪੈਰਿਸ, pl: Paryż, pms: Paris, pnb: پیرس, ps: پاريس, pt: Paris, ro: Paris, ru: Париж, rue: Паріж, sah: Париж, sc: Parigi, scn: Pariggi, sco: Paris, sk: Paríž, sl: Pariz, so: Baariis, sq: Paris, sr: Париз, sv: Paris, sw: Paris, szl: Paryż, ta: பாரிஸ், te: పారిస్, tet: París, tg: Париж, th: ปารีส, tk: Pariž, tl: Paris, tr: Paris, tt: Париж, ty: Paris, udm: Париж, ug: پارىژ, uk: Париж, ur: پیرس, uz: Parij, vec: Parixe, vi: Paris, vls: Parys, wo: Pari, xmf: პარიზი, yi: פאריז, yo: Parisi, za: Bahliz, zh: 巴黎,

Paris, France Reviews & Notes
    "The players take on the roles of the heads of influential families in Paris at the end of the 14th century. In the shadow of the Notre Dame cathedral, the players compete for prosperity and reputation. Each family controls one of the 3 -5 boroughs that surround the site of Notre Dame. As head of his family, each player tries, through clever use of his action cards, to advance the power and prestige of his family, but penalties are assessed those who do not take care of the health of the people who live in their borough. The player with the most prestige at the end is the winner."

    "I stayed in the cheapest hostel (yuck) I could find to cut costs but my time in Paris still managed to come in as the most expensive weekend of my life. I visited the Notre Dame that Sunday, not taking into account the importance of Sundays in the Catholic tradition, and found myself in the middle of a huge mass at one of the most historic cathedrals in the world. This picture gives me chills every time I see it."

    "When I visited Paris, of course I had to visit Notre Dame. I had loved The Hunchback of Notre Dame as a kid, so I couldn't miss it. Since I was traveling with a group, we drove by on our bus first as part of a tour of different Parisian landmarks. The next morning I walked from our hotel to Notre Dame to go to mass at the famous church, which still holds services, even while tourists snap pictures and wander around the edges. Of course, it didn't dawn on my until mass started, but since I speak no French, I would have no idea what was going on. Oops. I was later accosted by gypsies in the plaza in from of the cathedral, hoping for the remains of my lunch crepe, which I gave over mostly in the interest of not having to carry around the leftovers of my lunch. Maybe not the smartest move ever, but at least I didn't get my pockets picked. "Morning in Paris the city awakes to the bells of Notre Dame"- Clopin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Disney"

    "The Hostpitel-Hotel Dieu is two things. There's an eccentric hotel located on the top floors of what is one of Paris' first hospitals - still in operation today. The central courtyard of the hospital is quiet and serene, open to the public and within 100 meters or so of the raucous crowds in front of Notre Dame. If you go in, there's a good chance you will be completely alone. The hotel upstairs I haven't yet checked out."

    "This is Carey Grant and Audrey Hepburn in Charade (1963) by Pont au Double in Paris. The Seine River is behind them with Notre Dame Cathedral partially in view (top r) on Ile de la Cite."

    "There's nothing lovelier on a hot summer day than walking into the cool embrace of a large cathedral. Between the change in temperature and the strangely muffled sounds, you feel like you've traveled back in time."

    "2010, Attempted to walk in the footsteps of Jesse and Celine, characters from one of my favorite films, "Before Sunset" by Richard Linklater. The attempt proved difficult because I do not live in a romantic film with perfect weather and a well-planned walking route. Nonetheless, I ate a delicious crepe from a street vendor and bought Woody Allen's "Without Feathers"- the book made me smile more than anything else on this trip. About a year after this photo was taken, I won over a lovely person who adored this picture. She now has it framed on her nightstand along with trinkets and other dusty stuff."

    "I would have hunted down Shakespeare and Company too, with or without Findery. But the map here has the right location, unlike Google (ahem). So thank you! What an amazing shop. Completely inaccessible, so we had to take turns going inside while the other adult stayed outdoors with our son and his wheelchair. But there are also bookshelves outside (see photo below), and even just the people watching there is pretty great."

    "My wife and I rented an apartment here for our honeymoon. After traveling overnight from the US, collecting our luggage, then the train in from the airport, we emerged exhausted from the Metro station and awaited the keys to our seventh-floor walkup studio. Being off schedule for sleeping, I was up early the next morning and took this picture of Notre Dame from our tiny window overlooking the Seine. I also took probably 1000 other pictures while we were there, walking the streets, riding the Batobus, and taking in all the sights and sounds and food. It may seem cliché to go to Paris for your honeymoon, but I don't really care, it was one of the best trips we've ever had, and I'd do it again in a minute."

    "Who knew that term was pee-in-your-pants funny to an 11 and 14-year old? Perhaps I shouldn't have let them have that glass of beaujolais nouveau at lunch..."

    "Hidden in a quiet street is the tiny La Comète de Carthage: one of the coolest comic book stores. Unlike Album on Bd. St. Germain (great but carries mostly mainstream stuff), it carries a lot of (mostly French) indie comics. It also offers a lot of signed and unsigned serigraphs of Moebius, Avril, Götting and the likes. Also: The owner is super nice and speaks English."

    "Love is magical and what happens on this bridge says it all, imagine what people do for love. I have heard about the story but a scene from the movie "now you see me" reminded of the this bridge. The story I learnt happened somewhere in eastern europe but the lesson and experience is replicated everywhere else. A man and woman in love would buy a padlock write their names on it lock it on the bridge as a seal of their love and throw the key or keys away. There are other such places around the world."

    "A human face in a scallop shell with eyebrows of flames! Installed in 1966, Salvador Dali attended the ceremony himself, bringing his pet ocelot and a brass band. The scallop shape is a wink at the pilgrims passing by on their way to the shrine of St. Jacques de Compostella. "Coquilles St. Jacques" is a traditional dish served in France, and the scallop shell was used as a badge of devotion to St. Jacques. Rue St-Jacques was the traditional starting point for the pilgrims on the road to Compostella."

    "If you have a craving for Vegemite, Tim Tams or All Black jerseys in Paris, then you're probably a homesick tourist right? Or you're like me, whose husband is an Aussie in Paris and sends you on errands to buy processed goods that remind him of his homeland. Shhh, don't tell anyone: I'm the one who eats all the Tim Tams late at night, not Santa Claus, not a mouse."

    "Walking along the Seine River, caught our attention this signpost, which in addition to some of Paris most famous sights (including our favorite neighborhood: Le Marais), also stood toilets ... Paseando junto al Sena, llamó nuestra atención este poste, en el que además de algunos de los lugares más famosos de París (incluído nuestro barrio preferido: Le Marais), también se señalaban los aseos..."

    "Berthillon makes the best sorbet in the city. Ice cream too if you're into that sort of thing. Instead of waiting in the long ass line at the Berthillon shop at the Pont St Louis, why don't you walk 100 meters to this place instead where they always have the sorbet flavor 'fraise de bois'? It's wild strawberries, or literally strawberries of the woods. Tangy, flavorful, sweet but not sickly sweet like so many other sorbets. It costs 50 centimes extra, so 3.10€ for a scoop. Whatever you do, don't wait in that dumb line! The quality is not different than what you can get here."

    "There's no smell like that of the Parisian Metro. It has such a distinct smell. It's part bohemian homeless person, Chanel No. 5, and Quartier Latin shwarma. I love it, it reminds of the home I'm yet to have."

    "Found while walking from my place to the Pompidou one morning, someone's little electric car, parked unassumingly. They like these crafty cars here."

    "Once a week, I walk from my apartment across the Seine over to the Left Bank. Along the way, I observe the many tourists stopping to gawk at the view of Notre Dame, which from the southeast corner, is the most beautiful view of all. But there's something even more pressing, which is putting a bowl of warm hand-pulled Chinese noodles into my belly. On Boulevard St. Germain at Pates Vivantes, a taciturn man stands in the glass enclosed noodle making room on display. He stretches and twists thick wheat stalks wide until his arms are straining. They then soak the noodles in a bowl of aromatic Chinese oils and spices, stir frying it up with your choice of meats. Though the service is slow, all the better for building gustatory anticipation. Eating the noodles is ridiculously fun. Handcrafted noodles have an organic, chaotic quality that factory made noodles do not -- each of them tastes differently in your mouth, each of them a different size and length. Some of them are thick, almost like gnocchetti, some of them are thin, like mei-fun. Either way, I never leave any single trace of noodle in my over sized bowl when I eat here. This place looks like a nondescript Chinese traiteur on the outside, but don't be fooled. "

    "Narcissus vanished. His beauty gave off incessantly the fragrance of his being, heightened like the scent from heliotrope. But for him self-seeing was the task. Whatever escaped him he loved back in, and was borne no longer in the open breeze and closed raptly the radius of forms and eclipsed himself and could exist no more. Paris, April 1913"