Petrov Val

Hotels in Petrov Val, Russia

Name: Petrov Val
Region: Volgograd Oblast
Country: Russia
Population: 14 853 inh.

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More about Petrov Val, Russia
    City name: Petrov Val
    Toponym name: Petrov Val
    ASCII name: Petrov Val
    Administrative type: populated place
    Administrative division level 3:
    Administrative division level 2:
    Administrative division level 1: Volgograd Oblast 84
    Country: Russia
    Country code: RU
    Continent code: EU
    Timezone: GMT 3 Europe/Volgograd
    Latitude: 50.14337
    Longitude: 45.20958
    Post code:
    Airport IATA:
    Population: 14853 inh.

    Alternative names for Petrov Val, Volgograd Oblast, Russia:

    ar: بيتروف فال, be: Горад Пятроў Вал, de: Petrow Wal, en: Petrov Val, fa: پتروف وال, hsb: Pjetrow Wal, no: Petrov Val, pl: Pietrow Wał, ru: Петров Вал, xal: Петров Вал балһсн, zh: 彼得羅夫瓦爾,

Petrov Val, Russia Reviews & Notes
    "The thoughtful face on the picture is my grandma Klaudia. She died last November after a 10-year battle with Alzheimer's. In a way, I haven't talked to her for over 10 years but I haven't forgotten a thing. It's almost as if the throbbing come-and-go pain for her long-lasting suffering intensified at her death and then again subsided. I think of her every day. I miss her. I miss our times at the village in Western Belarus. I miss stories of her beloved Russia. She longed to return there ever since she left (she never really did). It almost seemed like she despised Belarus and its ugly humidity but family... Family was important, and her family was in Belarus, the place where she lived her adult life, the place where she died, the place she never ever called Home. As I watched her village friends hobbling on crutches to say their last goodbyes, I sobbed. As I watched her tiny body descend into the Western Belarusian soil, I kept thinking of her home in Russia. Volgograd region, Alexeevsky district, Red October village. "I've never been there. I should go there." It's been almost a year since that day. I never ceased thinking about my grandma's Russia. I read books, I dreamed, I wrote about it. I tried talking it through. The nagging feeling of Russia pulling on my sleeve never lets go of me. So on October 16, I'm off to the Volgograd region, Alexeevsky district... Babushka, dear, I'm coming to Russia!"

    "The highest bell tower of the Tambov region. It was built on the site of historical location in the Kazan Bogorodichny Monastery. #orthodox #buildings #tambov #autumninthecity"