Hotels in Podgorica, Montenegro

Name: Podgorica
Region: Podgorica
Country: Montenegro
Population: 136 473 inh.

Best Deals in Podgorica

Villa Old Town Podgorica
Review Score 0
25 Mušikića, Podgorica
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EUR 12
Hostel Maria
Review Score 8.2
Sarkica 24, Podgorica
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EUR 12
Guest House Vukovic
Review Score 7
Vojvodjanska broj 1, Podgorica
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EUR 15
Amor de Dios
Review Score 7.9
44 Kozaračka(second and third floor) Across the Polish Embassy, Podgorica
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EUR 15
Apartmani Emil
Review Score 8.2
Kučka 20, Podgorica
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EUR 17
Apartment "Vanja"
Review Score 9.3
Bulevar Save Kovačevića 145, Podgorica
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EUR 18
Guest House Radonjic
Review Score 8.4
Radula Rusa Radulovica 89, Podgorica
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EUR 18
Hostel Beneton
Review Score 9.1
Dr Vukašina Markovića, Podgorica
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EUR 19
Apartman A
Review Score
20 Iva Vizina stan 19, 2.sprat, Podgorica
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EUR 20
Review Score
Kučka 13, Podgorica
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EUR 20

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  • 2. Evropa Podgorica, , dist. 0.3km
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  • 5. Hotel Crna Gora, , dist. 0.4km
  • 6. Philia Hotel, , dist. 0.4km
  • 7. Best Western Hotel Montenegro, , dist. 0.4km
  • 8. M Nikic, , dist. 0.5km
  • 9. Bojatours Lux Podgorica, , dist. 0.5km
  • 10. Boja Tours Hotel, , dist. 0.5km
  • 11. Ambasador, , dist. 1km
  • 12. New Star Hotel, , dist. 1km
  • 13. Ramada Podrica, , dist. 1km
  • 14. Kosta'S Podgorica, , dist. 1.1km
  • 15. Terminus, , dist. 1.1km
  • 16. Keto, , dist. 1.2km
  • 17. Best Western Premier Hotel Montenegro, , dist. 1.5km
  • 18. Hotel Ideal, , dist. 1.5km
  • 19. Lovcen, , dist. 2.3km
  • 20. Aria, , dist. 8.7km
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More about Podgorica, Montenegro
    City name: Podgorica
    Toponym name: Podgorica
    ASCII name: Podgorica
    Administrative type: capital of a political entity
    Administrative division level 3:
    Administrative division level 2:
    Administrative division level 1: Podgorica 16
    Country: Montenegro
    Country code: ME
    Continent code: EU
    Timezone: GMT 1 Europe/Podgorica
    Latitude: 42.44111
    Longitude: 19.26361
    Post code:
    Airport IATA: TGD
    Population: 136473 inh.

    Alternative names for Podgorica, Podgorica, Montenegro:

    am: ፖድጎሪጻ, ar: بودغوريتسا, ast: Podgorica, az: Podqoritsa, be: Горад Падгорыца, bg: Подгорица, bs: Podgorica, ca: Podgorica, ce: Подгорица, ckb: پۆدگۆریتسا, cs: Podgorica, cu: Подъгорица, cv: Подгорица, cy: Podgorica, da: Podgorica, de: Podgorica, el: Ποντγκόριτσα, en: Podgorica, eo: Podgorico, es: Podgorica, et: Podgorica, eu: Podgorica, fa: پودگوریتسا, fi: Podgorica, fr: Podgorica, frp: Podgorica, fy: Podgorytsa, ga: Podgairítse, hbs: Podgorica, he: פודגוריצה, hr: Podgorica, hsb: Podgorica, hu: Podgorica, hy: Պոդգորիցա, id: Podgorica, is: Podgorica, it: Podgorica, ja: ポドゴリツァ, ka: პოდგორიცა, kk: Подгорица, ko: 포드고리차, ku: Podgorika, la: Birziminium, lt: Podgorica, lv: Podgorica, mhr: Подгорица, mk: Подгорица, mr: पॉडगोरिका, nah: Podgoritza, nl: Podgorica, no: Podgorica, nov: Podgoritsa, os: Подгорицæ, pa: ਪਾਡਗੋਰਿਤਸਾ, pl: Podgorica, pt: Podgorica, qu: Podgorica, ro: Podgorica, ru: Подгорица, sah: Подгорица, scn: Podgòrica, sk: Podgorica, sq: Podgorica, sr: Подгорица, sv: Podgorica, ta: பொட்கொரிக்கா, tg: Подгоритса, th: พอดกอรีตซา, tr: Podgorica, uk: Подгориця, ur: پوڈگوریکا, vo: Podgorica, wo: Podgorika, yue: 波德戈里察, zh: 波德戈里察, zh-CN: 波德戈里察,

Podgorica, Montenegro Reviews & Notes
    "Another time and another occasion, it was September and it was Montenegro. Yugo started blowing rapidly, and the sea became stormy and fun for new types of entertainment. After this tide falls on the tourists - some will be knocked down to the floor, some will be washed away into the water. This is an amazing entertainment to play with the wild water. Yet a bit dangerous and stupid, if you are washed away into the sea. But who cares for safety, when the Adventure is happening? :)"

    "This is one of the most extraordinary beaches I have ever had the pleasure of laying out on. Besides the arresting beauty and great snorkeling, you can buy mini-donuts from people walking around the beach for 2 Euro. They cover them with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar, and they are the most amazing beach snack I have every had. They also sell corn on the cob, not feeling that as much..."

    "““Then came the war, old sport. It was a great relief, and I tried very hard to die, but I seemed to bear an enchanted life. I accepted a commission as first lieutenant when it began. In the Argonne Forest I took two machine-gun detachments so far forward that there was a half mile gap on either side of us where the infantry couldn’t advance. We stayed there two days and two nights, a hundred and thirty men with sixteen Lewis guns, and when the infantry came up at last they found the insignia of three German divisions among the piles of dead. I was promoted to be a major, and every Allied government gave me a decoration — even Montenegro, little Montenegro down on the Adriatic Sea!”” - Jay Gatsby to Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby"

    "I saw this beautiful picture if a bridge over the Tara river Gorge in Montenegro, is the second deepest canyon in the world and the deepest in Europe. I have been away from Findery for so long and it is a whole new beautiful place now, love the UI and layout even better. Good work Team Findery"

    "Really reasonable rates for good rooms with great views over Cavtat. Recommend them to all and their family restaurant Ivan. Thanks for a very comfortable stay Ivo!"

    "On the island of Lokrum is an old monastery, and tons of beautiful peacocks! They are bread on the island, and are running around everywhere! The babies are adorable, and they make a beautiful island even more stunning."

    "Located right at the fishermen’s bay in Old Town, overlooking the old port of Dubrovnik, this is one of the most visited restaurant in Dubrovnik. Make sure to try the sea food platter for two persons (160 Kuna). It’s filling, delicious and has fish, scallops, shrimps and octopus. The restaurant can accommodate only forty guests, but the main attraction is the terrace restaurant that can accommodate up to 150 guests. The views from the restaurant are breath-taking with the Old Town walls on one side and the fishermen boats in the bay. A lot of ferry tours to Lokrum Island and others start from right outside the restaurant. Exit from the tiny gate opposite the cathedral to reach this place."

    "Mythical Dubrovnik by the gorgeous Adriatic Sea is one of the jewels of the area. Everything is beautiful in this old walled city - from architecture of the buildings to monasteries, museums and fountains, not to forget the fortress structure itself. And thanks to Games of Thrones everyone's visiting Dubrovnik this summer and falling in love with it! Try a delicious flavour of ice cream by the sea, have a lunch in a little restaurant hidden on the narrow side streets, get lost and explore. Everything feels magical. The town is also very tourist-friendly and they happily take other currencies pretty much everywhere, which is great for those who take a cruise and just stop in the town for a few hours. For a perfect view of the city, drive up the mountain road by the sea to a little viewing platform and enjoy an espresso there while taking in the view..."

    "A beautiful hike along the mountain ridges, down to blooming meadows and finishing it off with a grueling ascend to be rewarded this view: the green, heart-shaped glacial like in a hidden valley! Surprisingly the water is rather warm, 22c, and invites to cool and refresh a bit after a couple of hours under the hot sun. In the summertime there is a local resident here who'll against a small fee boil some coffee on his fire and offer delicious home-made berry juice. Some people were camping around the lake and there is also a cover and place for a fire, as well as, running water for drinking delivered straight from crystal=clean and ice-cold mountain spring. If you are visiting Sutjeska this hike is a must!"

    "Green meadows, sharp Alpine peaks, some mountain goats, even a few horse running to the water stations for a drink. Quiet nature and feeling like the little Heidi in the old books, hopping around the mountains herding her goats (minus the goats of course but we saw cows and a group of horses running wild). This is the end of the road, the spot where we started a 7km hike from here, which crosses the border to Montenegro and ends up in a heart-shaped glacial lake. National Park Sutjeska is just amazing and I cannot believe why more people haven't found it yet!"

    "This is the closest island to the touristy Dubrovnik but it is fairly quiet. You can walk across the island, through an old cemetery in the middle and find a quiet cove too. This cove just had three older Croatian women (in the upper right) who were just swimming about and chatting with each other. After taking this picture, I jumped in for a swim."

    "Adrenaline-high is guaranteed when you go rafting in Unesco-protected Tara River Canyon, which is second longest in the world after the Grand Canyon. Formed of multiple mountain streams the water is cold, and so clean that you drink straight out of the river. The most striking thing about Tara is its' strong turquoise color, which seems almost unreal. Despite being up to 13m deep at times, the visibility to the bottom is just unbelievable. The other thing besides having a great time rafting (my first, but definitely not the last time) is the breathtaking nature: flowers, caves, waterfalls and birds can be admired along the way while basking in the sunshine and resting after a fast, spinning rapid. One of the best two and a half hours I've spent and the cost is ridiculously low also, even with camping and half board of delicious home-cooked food the cost is less than half what one would normally pay back home. I heart Tara River!"

    "Italian places seem to be very fashionable in Tirana right now and if they're all like this it's easy to see why. Fast service and reasonably priced this restaurant serves up excellent pizza. I had no problem finishing a whole one."

    "Nestled at the foot of a huge cliff, at the mouth of the River Buna, is this place. It's a dervish house. Yes, a house for dervishes. Established after the Ottomans invaded Bosnia in the late 15th century, it was basically a sort of monastery where dervishes hung out, chatted about stuff and meditated. No word on whether they did any whirling though. Blagaj is a short bus journey from Mostar. There's a fish farm a little way up the river which is a good place for lunch. But appealing as it looks, don't even think about getting in the water. It's extremely cold. This was on our honeymoon and the picture was taken by @raynejones."

    "The village is on the other side of the river, that's why the green on the other side is darker then on the camera side, 2 mountains separated by a river, different vegetation. The building on the bottom right is a leftover from the communist time of Tito."

    "The Stari Most - Old Bridge - in Mostar is slightly confusingly named. Because this isn't the same old bridge that spanned the Neretva river for the best part of five centuries. That one was infamously destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian War, apparently by Bosnian Croat artillery fire. It was subsequently rebuilt, so this version is more the New Old Bridge really. We came here for a few days on our honeymoon. Brave souls from the local diving club jump off every so often for the benefit of day-trippers up from Dubrovnik. It's an awfully long way, and the water is extremely cold, so it's best left to the experts. It's a good idea to stay in Mostar though. Once the coach trips go back to their luxury hotels in the early afternoon, you can have one of Europe's most interesting cities almost to yourself."

    "Wandering around Mostar at dusk, looking for a place to stay after my contact never showed up. Lucky, because I caught this at the right moment. Would the gas station be as beautiful without the steeple and the mountain? Not sure, but I'll take this over a vanilla church photo."

    "When exploring a city, I like to walk the little lanes and backstreets. The best is if the backstreets are also on a steep slope. (Heck, those are the kind of streets I like to live on, too!) Sarajevo, being in a valley, has plenty of sloping little lanes on its edges. Usually, there isn't much graffiti art in such places, but here there was. I liked that the paint was weathered and how it blended with the patches of moss around it."

    "Bosnia owes its large Muslim population to its centuries as part of the Ottoman Empire. The Turks may have long gone, but their legacy is still obvious in many places, which gives Sarajevo in particular a feeling of East meets West. This is me at the Morića Han in the middle of town. Once a staging post, it's now a place to have a strong Turkish coffee. The way the Bosnians take their coffee, you can more or less stand your spoon up in it. No wonder they often spend an hour or more nursing one, in one of the many outdoor cafes. This was our honeymoon and @raynejones took the photo."

    "Camping near Durmitor national park in Montenegro - surrounded by beautiful mountains and the turquoise river Tara. Tara is so clean that you can drink the fresh mountain water - and it's already perfectly chilled too ;) This is one of the best rafting centres in the region and rafting here has been described as one of the best in Europe."

    "It is lost in the mountains. It is lost in the past. When I came to Mostar, I had a feeling that I am in a medieval arab tale. All those tiny coffee houses, and the sparkling crowded shops full of silver dishes, bright rugs, and exotic sweets. Locals - men only, looking at you with their bright black eyes, judjing either your looks or how much money they can get from you in this low tourist season. Ah yes, and the river... it was the most amazing water color I have ever seen in my life."

    "October to December is my favorite tangerine season. Ripe, sweet and juicy, just picked from the tree. Local villagers in Herzegovina are selling the fruits just outside their houses"

    "A warm afternoon in a hidden island on the Delta Neretva in Croatia. This area is a paradise for bird watching, and source of eels which have been fished here for generations. Also this area used to glow the finest Iris which was used under the Roman Emripe to make the finest paper. Who would have imagined that! The water is so clean and clear that one can see every plant and little fish darting around while enjoying the boat slowly finding its way around the path that's been cut generations ago. A wonderful, leisurly afternoon topped with a delicious local lunch!"

    "This is Ladjna, a traditional Croatian, or more specifically Neretvan boat, used for generations and what is special about this boat is that it's owned by a pirate descendant, which can be seem from the earring he was wearing. The golden earring was the most valuable thing a pirate owned and when he died it was used to pay for the burial cost. The stories our captain told on our way to their hidden island were fascinating. Nowadays this family owns their part of the waters and use it for fishing eels rather than practices piracy. This Ladjna boat was the car of the time where there were no cars and it was used for everything from fishing and transportation to even giving birth. The boats used to be connected to roles and pulled by women (!). The women would walk on the land and keep pulling these boats for long distances from one destination to another. These wetlands are relaxing to visit and a haven for bird-lovers as over 200 special have been spotted here (it's on migration route), several of which are rate and protected nowadays."

    "Croatia is known for its numerous islands, turquoise sea and beautiful beaches. I got to experience this for the first time myself - warm sea and shallow waters by the natural sand dunes - it was like taking a bath. An absolutely lovely experiences! Being surrounded by wild mountains it felt like being in the middle of nowhere despite being so close to the nearest town. It felt somehow odd to see Chinese fishermen laying their nets nearby and reminded me of my travels to India and Sri Lanka. I guess odd things happen everywhere. I spent a memorable morning bathing in the warm waters of the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. Less than 24 h to my trip and I've already fallen in love with this country!"