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Name: Pozzallo
Region: Sicily
Country: Italy
Population: 18 166 inh.

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  • 1. Megaron, dist. 0.5km
  • 2. Mare Nostrum, dist. 0.6km
  • 3. Mediterraneo Pozzallo, dist. 0.8km
  • 4. Villa Carlotta, dist. 1.1km
  • 5. Hotel Cambiocavallo, Modica, dist. 2.6km
  • 6. Agriturismo Serrafiori, Modica, dist. 4km
  • 7. Cambiocavallo Unesco Area & Resort, Modica, dist. 5.4km
  • 8. Bed and Breakfast Villa Sara, Ispica, dist. 6.7km
  • 9. Borgo Rio Favara, Ispica, dist. 7km
  • 10. Villa Principe Di Belmonte, Ispica, dist. 7.4km
  • 11. Hotel Residence Caposud Mare, , , , dist. 10.8km
  • 12. Casa Ciomod, Modica, dist. 12.2km
  • 13. Hotel Principe d'Aragona, Modica, dist. 12.4km
  • 14. Modica Palace Hotel, Modica, dist. 13.2km
  • 15. torre don virgilio resort, Modica, dist. 14km
  • 16. Novecento, Scicli, dist. 14.5km
  • 17. Ferro Hotel, Modica, dist. 16km
  • 18. Modica Old Town Rooms, Modica, dist. 16.1km
  • 19. Palazzo Failla Hotel, Modica, dist. 16.1km
  • 20. Grana Barocco, Modica, dist. 16.3km
  • 21. Hotel Le Magnolie, Modica, dist. 16.3km
  • 22. Villa Cannizzo, Modica, dist. 16.4km
  • 23. Palazzo Il Cavaliere B&B De Charme, Modica, dist. 16.7km
  • 24. Le Case Dello Zodiaco, Modica, dist. 16.9km
  • 25. Dancing Flamingo Sicily Country Resort, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 19.3km
  • 26. kallikoros, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 21.3km
  • 27. Eremo Della Giubiliana, Ragusa, dist. 22.8km
  • 28. Villa Giulia, Pachino, Syracuse, dist. 23km
  • 29. Campo Reale country rooms, Pachino, Syracuse, dist. 23km
  • 30. Poggio del Sole Resort, Ragusa, dist. 23.1km
  • 31. Villa Gaia Boutique Hotel, Modica, dist. 23.8km
  • 32. La Dimora Di Piazza Carmine, Ragusa, dist. 23.8km
  • 33. Locanda Don Serafino, Ragusa, dist. 23.9km
  • 34. Eremo Della Giubiliana Hotel & Cottages, Ragusa, dist. 23.9km
  • 35. Hotel Mediterraneo Palace, Ragusa, dist. 23.9km
  • 36. Hotel Vittorio Veneto, Ragusa, dist. 24km
  • 37. De Stefano Palace Luxury Hotel, Ragusa, dist. 24km
  • 38. Villa Del Lauro, Ragusa, dist. 24.1km
  • 39. Antica Badia Relais, Ragusa, dist. 24.1km
  • 40. Piccolo Hotel Cortona, Ragusa, dist. 24.2km
  • 41. De Stefano Palace, Ragusa, dist. 24.2km
  • 42. Hotel Rafael, Ragusa, dist. 24.2km
  • 43. Hotel Montreal Ragusa, Ragusa, dist. 24.2km
  • 44. La Casa Fiorita, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 25.5km
  • 45. Palace Hotel Villaggio Kastalia, Ragusa, dist. 25.5km
  • 46. Hotel Terraqua, Ragusa, dist. 25.7km
  • 47. Donnafugata Golf Resort & Spa, Ragusa, dist. 26km
  • 48. Hotel Andrea Doria, , , dist. 26.1km
  • 49. Villa Bruno di Belmonte, Portopalo di Capo Passero, Syracuse, dist. 26.2km
  • 50. Villa Carlotta, Ragusa, dist. 26.5km
  • 51. Hotel Masseria degli Ulivi, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 26.7km
  • 52. B&B Vicere Speciale, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 26.7km
  • 53. Grand Hotel Sofia, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 26.7km
  • 54. Conte Di Cavour, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 26.9km
  • 55. Villa Giulia, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 27.1km
  • 56. Noto Sicily B&B, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 27.1km
  • 57. Hotel Villa Mediterranea, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 27.8km
  • 58. Villa Favorita, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 28.1km
  • 59. B&B Villa Felicia, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 29.2km
  • 60. Donnalucata Resort, Ragusa, dist. 29.3km
  • 61. Maresol, , , dist. 30.1km
  • 62. El Homs Palace, Comiso, dist. 32.5km
  • 63. Donnafugata Golf Resort & Spa, Ragusa, dist. 34.7km
  • 64. Hotel Parco della Rocca, , , dist. 36.1km
  • 65. Villa Orchidea, Vittoria, dist. 36.4km
  • 66. Agriturismo Masseria sul Mare, Avola, Syracuse, dist. 38.2km
  • 67. Borgo Alto Hotel, Noto, Syracuse, dist. 40.1km
  • 68. Vittorio Veneto, Monterosso Almo, dist. 40.7km
  • 69. Fontane Bianche Beach Club, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 41km
  • 70. Bulla Regia, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 41.2km
  • 71. Nido Colorato, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 41.3km
  • 72. Villamare, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 41.4km
  • 73. Agriturismo La Maddalena, Acate, dist. 42.5km
  • 74. Hotel Lady Lusya, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 42.5km
  • 75. Eureka Palace, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 42.8km
  • 76. Albatros Hotel, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 43.7km
  • 77. I Monasteri Golf Resort, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 44.6km
  • 78. Il Mirto E La Rosa, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 45.8km
  • 79. Voi Arenella Resort, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 46km
  • 80. Arenella Resort, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 46km
  • 81. Hotel Principe di Fitalia, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 47km
  • 82. Villa Glicine, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 47km
  • 83. Villa Gigi, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 47km
  • 84. Zaiera Resort Spa, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 47.3km
  • 85. Borgo Pantano, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 47.8km
  • 86. Hotel Il Podere, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 48km
  • 87. Zaiera Resort, Solarino, Syracuse, dist. 48km
  • 88. Catania Centro Rooms, Vizzini, Catania, dist. 48.7km
  • 89. Le Residenze Archimede, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 49.1km
  • 90. Hotel Villa Fanusa, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 49.8km
  • 91. Aldebaran Family Hotel, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 50.6km
  • 92. Villa Dei Papiri, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 50.6km
  • 93. Hotel Caiammari, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 50.7km
  • 94. Dolce Casa, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 51.1km
  • 95. Kalaonda, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 51.1km
  • 96. Castello Camemi, Vizzini, Catania, dist. 51.1km
  • 97. La Rosa Sul Mare Hotel, , Syracuse, dist. 51.7km
  • 98. Grand Hotel Minareto, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 51.8km
  • 99. Il Parco, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 52.6km
  • 100. Caol Ishka Hotel, Siracusa, Syracuse, dist. 53.1km
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More about Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy

City name: Pozzallo
Toponym name: Pozzallo
ASCII name: Pozzallo
Administrative type: seat of a third-order administrative division
Administrative division level 3: Pozzallo 088008
Administrative division level 2: Province of Ragusa RG
Administrative division level 1: Sicily 15
Country: Italy
Country code: IT
Continent code: EU
Timezone: GMT 1 Europe/Rome
Latitude: 36.73028
Longitude: 14.84672
Post code:
Airport IATA:
Population: 18166 inh.

Alternative names for Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy:

de: Pozzallo, en: Pozzallo, eo: Pozzallo, fr: Pozzallo, it: Pozzallo, ja: ポッツァッロ, nap: Pozzallo, nl: Pozzallo, pl: Pozzallo, pt: Pozzallo, scn: Puzzaddu,
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