Puerto Limón

Hotels in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica

Name: Puerto Limón
Region: Limón
Country: Costa Rica
Population: 63 081 inh.

Best Deals in Puerto-Limón

Hotel La Uvita
Review Score 7.9
100 metros del Hotel Maribu Caribe, Carretera a Portete, Puerto Limón
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USD 55
Hotel Playa Westfalia
Review Score 8
2 km Sur del Aeropuerto, Puerto Limón
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USD 59
Hotel La Cueva
Review Score
240 Moín Limón, Costa Rica, Puerto Limón, Piuta
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USD 70
Hotel Cerere
Review Score 6.9
Paseo Doctor Rubén Umaña Chavarría Zona Americana, Puerto Limón
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USD 105
Park Hotel
Review Score 7.1
Avenue 3 Between Streets 1 And 3, Puerto Limón
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USD 110
Villas Talok
Review Score 7.3
325 metros Norte del Black Star Line / from the Black Star Line, 325 meters 2, Puerto Limón
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USD 140

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  • 1. La Perla Negra, , dist. 0.4km
  • 2. Hotel Colon Caribe, dist. 1.1km
  • 3. Best Western Jaco Beach All Inclusive Resort, dist. 28.5km
  • 4. Villas Hermosa Heights, Cartago, dist. 33.8km
  • 5. Inti Resort And Villas, dist. 34.2km
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  • 7. Los Jardines, dist. 44.1km
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  • 9. Monteverde Country Lodge, dist. 46.8km
  • 10. La Perla Negra Resort, dist. 46.9km
  • 11. Camarona Caribbean Lodge, , dist. 48.1km
  • 12. Almonds & Corals, , dist. 48.1km
  • 13. Hotel Le Chameleon, , dist. 48.3km
  • 14. La Perla Negra Beach Resort, dist. 48.3km
  • 15. Hotel Boutique Le Cameleon, dist. 49.3km
  • 16. Le Cameleon Hotel, dist. 49.4km
  • 17. Totem Hotel Resort & Restaurant, , dist. 49.7km
  • 18. Cariblue Beach & Jungle Resort, , dist. 49.7km
  • 19. Totem Hotel Beach Resort, , dist. 49.9km
  • 20. Azania Bungalows, , dist. 50km
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More about Puerto Limón, Costa Rica
    City name: Puerto Limón
    Toponym name: Puerto Limón
    ASCII name: Limon
    Administrative type: seat of a first-order administrative division
    Administrative division level 3:
    Administrative division level 2:
    Administrative division level 1: Limón 06
    Country: Costa Rica
    Country code: CR
    Continent code: NA
    Timezone: GMT -6 America/Costa_Rica
    Latitude: 9.99074
    Longitude: -83.03596
    Post code:
    Airport IATA: LIO
    Population: 63081 inh.

    Alternative names for Puerto Limón, Limón, Costa Rica:

    ca: Província de Limón, de: Puerto Limón, el: Πουέρτο Λιμόν, en: Puerto Limón, es: Ciudad de Limón, fr: Puerto Limón, id: Provinsi Limón, it: Limón, ja: リモン, ko: 리몬, lt: Limonas, nl: Limón, pl: Limón, pt: Limón, ru: Лимон, zh: 利蒙,

Puerto Limón, Costa Rica Reviews & Notes
    "Rawlings has been the sole producer of baseballs for Major League Baseball since 1977 and since 1986, they've all been made in this Costa Rican factory. The factory is located in a Free Trade Zone, which means that Rawlings does not pay import/export, corporate, city, or sales taxes. The balls themselves take an entire week to go from rubber coated cork, to full fledged baseball. The factory produces about 10,000 hand-stitched baseballs per day."

    "One or maybe the best whitewater and most scenic rafting trip through the Costa Rica jungle wooow A must do for sportive folks The Pacuare River has been recognized as one of the top five most beautiful raftable rivers of the world in the National Geographic Magazine. It is 18 mile, class IV section that has an excellent mixture of invigorating rapids and calm, scenic stretches. A deli-style lunch is provided on the river next to two large waterfalls. The length of the trip is about four hours, give or take depending on the water level. It takes about one hour to reach the river from our office, and one hour and half to return. The drive is a great introduction, while we wind through jungle roads on our way to the river's put-in. There is little civilization surrounding the Pacuare, except for the rafters, and evidence of natives that your guide will point out. The pickup time in the mourning is at 9:00 am, and we will return at 4:00 pm. Book this trip ,do not miss"

    "No internet, no utilities, no real electricity, and no distractions! That's my kind of escape. Dúrika is first and foremost a community dedicated to preserving the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. To accomplish their goal, though, requires money to buy up land. Sometimes ecotourism gets a bad rap, but that's exactly what's going on here: they run a modest resort and invest the proceeds into buying more rainforest. The accommodations are modest but fantastic for where you are: in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Costa Rica. They of course have no city utilities, so the rooms are lit with solar-powered LED lights, water is piped in from a mountain stream, and I'm not even sure what they do for laundry. You don't come here to be pampered-you come here to be deep in the wilds and hike around the beautiful rainforest."

    "When I first started hearing about travel to Costa Rica, it was from younger travelers and backpackers looking for adventures in this lush country. It's true that Costa Rica is best left for the nature lover, the outdoorsy-type, that is happy with little to no AC, the occasional "roughing it", and who wouldn't mind the bugs. Because when it comes to nature, and bugs, Costa Rica has a lot of it. But, it also has a lot for families with the same adventurous spirit. To prove my point, and like any good travel blogger, I first ventured to this country for on a summer vacation with my husband and my boys, who at that time were 5, 6, and 14 years old. We started on the Caribbean side of the country and ended up in the Pacific side. In the 8 days of seeing some of the most beautiful, raw sceneries of our lives, we learned a lot about each other as travelers and as a family. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to challenge themselves and take their kids along for the ride."

    "My first time to Costa Rica has been a tremendous experience--zip lining (and getting over my fear of heights), fabulous people, awesome food, incredible sites--I'm in love with this country!"

    "If you are going to Guanacaste, seek out Citron for dinner. It's some of the best ahi tuna I've ever had. A large portion, super high quality, and very reasonable--$14.00 for the entree."

    "Cats: Costa Rica has six endangered members of the cat family, which are rarely seen. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may be lucky enough to spot one of these magnificient critters, they will probably be a jaguarondi, puma, jaguar, margay, oncilla, or a ocelot. thumb_401235001314136"

    "La selección de Costa Rica será decisiva esta semana en la posibilidad que tiene México de participar en el campeonato mundial de futbol del año próximo en Brasil, consideró hoy la prensa costarricense."

    "In #CostaRica you dine at a "soda", in most of the Spanish speaking countries a "soda" is a carbonated drink but in Costa Rica a "soda" is a restaurant, which is usually family owned and operated. It will have a dining area set up with tables and chairs and tablecloths, silverware. You have a server taking and bringing your order and the owner is usually at the register. In Costa Rica breakfast is served from 6:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. in Spanish it is called "desayuno". Lunch is served at noon aka "hora de almuerzo" when visiting a "soda" you order a "casado" in English means "married", but in Costa Rica it also means a complete meal. A "casado" can cost anywhere from ¢1,500 - ¢4,000 Costa Rican Colones which is roughly between $3.00 - $8.00 U.S. Dollars, pricing will depend on location and if you're purchasing it from a "soda" or a larger restaurant. The lunch version of the "casado" consists of steamed white rice, black beans, vegetables, meat (fish, chicken, beef or pork) and plantains. As you can see it is a complete meal that will more than hold you over until coffee/tea time {typically between 3 - 4:30 p.m.}. If you're visiting Costa Rica, I highly recommend enjoying a delicious casado at a soda. It will give you a cultural experience and you will support the local economy! Oh and a casado also includes a fruit and water based drink {aka fresco or natural} that is freshly made daily."

    "The Tabacon hot springs are a very far ride from San Jose, but it's worth it to see this gigantic natural hot springs resort. The water is hot, but it was nice when it was raining overhead."

    "Here is one of those places for people that like xtreme sports, where you just can't think twice or weird things happens. I hesitated to go and cross that path, the result: ended up with my ATV directly on my chest. Fortunately right now i can laugh about that accident, but if you are traveling around this area (which is really cool btw) just be careful and confident."

    "It is summer! Blue skies, soft winds and you just can imagine how nice it would be at the beach at this hour. Certainly the best season of the year and certainly not the best time to be at work... but hey! i discovered Knotes thanks to @maggie ! right here right now!"