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Name: Pyeongchang
Region: Gangwon-do
Country: South Korea
Population: 9 940 inh.

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  • 1. Kensington Flora, dist. 0.3km
  • 2. Tunnaeyusŭhoseut’el, dist. 19.5km
  • 3. Hanwha Resort Pheonix Park, dist. 23.8km
  • 4. Hotel Chiaksan, dist. 39.5km
  • 5. Odaesan-hot’el, dist. 39.7km
  • 6. Kensington Flora, dist. 39.7km
  • 7. Holiday Inn Resort Alpensia Pyeongchang, dist. 40.2km
  • 8. Holiday Inn Resort Alpensia Py, dist. 40.2km
  • 9. Intercontinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort, dist. 40.2km
  • 10. Holiday Inn Suites Alpensia Pyeongchang Suites, dist. 40.3km
  • 11. Kangwonland Hotel, dist. 41.9km
  • 12. Daemyung Resort Danyang, North Chungcheong, dist. 43.7km
  • 13. High1 Hotel, dist. 45.5km
  • 14. Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel, dist. 47.2km
  • 15. Chosun Tourist, North Chungcheong, dist. 68.1km
  • 16. Chuncheon Sejong, dist. 81.2km
  • 17. Bears Tourist, dist. 82.7km
  • 18. Hotel Miranda, Gyeonggi-do, dist. 84.2km
  • 19. Naksan Beach, dist. 86.2km
  • 20. Hotel Sorak Park, dist. 89.1km
  • 21. Sorak Park Hotel & Casino, dist. 89.1km
  • 22. Kensington Stars, dist. 89.6km
  • 23. The Kensington Stars Hotel, dist. 90.1km
  • 24. Hotel Maremons, dist. 90.4km
  • 25. Delhi Park Motel, dist. 90.7km
  • 26. Yongcheonjangyeogwan, dist. 90.9km
  • 27. Suites Gyeongju, , dist. 91.4km
  • 28. Ritz Carlton Hotel, dist. 92km
  • 29. The Class 300, dist. 92.2km
  • 30. Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano, dist. 94km
  • 31. Sokcho Beach Gwangwang Hotel, dist. 94.1km
  • 32. Dongjin Resort Hotel, dist. 95.2km
  • 33. Seorak Beach Resort Hotel, dist. 95.9km
  • 34. Haebaragijang Motel, dist. 98.5km
  • 35. Yeongnimjang Motel, dist. 98.7km
  • 36. Guibinjangyeogwan, dist. 102.2km
  • 37. Hanwha Baegam Spa Resort, Gyeongsangbuk-do, dist. 110.6km
  • 38. Novotel Ambassador Gangnam Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, dist. 111km
  • 39. Olympiana, Seoul, dist. 112.2km
  • 40. Olympic Parktel, Seoul, dist. 112.2km
  • 41. Two Be In Tourist Hotel, Seoul, dist. 112.5km
  • 42. Imt Hotel 2 Jamsil, Seoul, dist. 112.6km
  • 43. Imt Hotel 1 Jamsil, Seoul, dist. 112.6km
  • 44. Hotel Argo, Seoul, dist. 112.7km
  • 45. Beluga, Seoul, dist. 112.7km
  • 46. Bali Tourist, Seoul, dist. 112.7km
  • 47. Bali Turístico, Seoul, dist. 112.7km
  • 48. Mate Hotel Bundang, Gyeonggi-do, dist. 112.7km
  • 49. Fox, Seoul, dist. 113.5km
  • 50. Karak Tourist Hotel, Seoul, dist. 113.6km
  • 51. Best Western Gumi Hotel, North Chungcheong, dist. 113.8km
  • 52. Ramada Plaza Cheongju, North Chungcheong, dist. 113.9km
  • 53. Jamsil Tourist, Seoul, dist. 114km
  • 54. Mate Hotel Jamsil, Seoul, dist. 114.4km
  • 55. Mate Songpa, Seoul, dist. 114.5km
  • 56. River Hotel, Gyeonggi-do, dist. 114.5km
  • 57. The View, Seoul, dist. 114.5km
  • 58. Parkway Hotel, Seoul, dist. 114.5km
  • 59. Hotel Casa, Seoul, dist. 114.5km
  • 60. Bellisimo Serviced Residence, Seoul, dist. 114.7km
  • 61. Cello Hotel Songpa, Seoul, dist. 114.7km
  • 62. Jamsil Tomgi Hotel, Seoul, dist. 114.7km
  • 63. W Seoul Walkerhill, Seoul, dist. 114.9km
  • 64. Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, Seoul, dist. 114.9km
  • 65. Lotte Hotel World, Seoul, dist. 115km
  • 66. Windsor Castle, Gyeonggi-do, dist. 115km
  • 67. Sheraton Walker Hill, Seoul, dist. 115.2km
  • 68. Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, Seoul, dist. 115.3km
  • 69. Sheraton Grand Walkerhill, Seoul, dist. 115.3km
  • 70. Dong Seoul, Seoul, dist. 115.5km
  • 71. Gallery, North Chungcheong, dist. 115.8km
  • 72. Grand Inter Con, Seoul, dist. 116.9km
  • 73. Grand Prix Motel, dist. 116.9km
  • 74. W Jamsil, Seoul, dist. 116.9km
  • 75. Pharos Hotel, Seoul, dist. 117.2km
  • 76. Plex Hotel, Seoul, dist. 117.2km
  • 77. Lexvill Residence, Seoul, dist. 117.3km
  • 78. Hit Hotel, Seoul, dist. 117.3km
  • 79. David, Seoul, dist. 117.3km
  • 80. Carlton Hotel Sangbong, Seoul, dist. 117.6km
  • 81. Coex Inter-Continental, Seoul, dist. 117.6km
  • 82. Amour & Symphony, Gyeonggi-do, dist. 117.7km
  • 83. Park Hyatt Seoul, Seoul, dist. 118.4km
  • 84. The Classic 500, Seoul, dist. 118.4km
  • 85. Shilla Stay Dongtan, Gyeonggi-do, dist. 118.5km
  • 86. Casaville Residence Samsung, Seoul, dist. 118.7km
  • 87. Samsung-Station ( COEX ) CO-OP Residence, Seoul, dist. 118.7km
  • 88. Casaville Residence Shinchon, Seoul, dist. 118.8km
  • 89. Prima, Seoul, dist. 118.9km
  • 90. Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul, dist. 118.9km
  • 91. Grand Intercontinental Parnas (Jr Suite), Seoul, dist. 118.9km
  • 92. Grand Inter-Continental, Seoul, dist. 118.9km
  • 93. Golden Forest Residence-River, Seoul, dist. 118.9km
  • 94. Soo Motel Dongdaemun, Seoul, dist. 119.1km
  • 95. Viv Classic Hotel, Seoul, dist. 119.1km
  • 96. Viv Tourist Hotel, Seoul, dist. 119.1km
  • 97. Nex Hotel Dongdaemun, Seoul, dist. 119.1km
  • 98. Dongdaemun Noblesse Hotel, Seoul, dist. 119.2km
  • 99. Viv, Seoul, dist. 119.2km
  • 100. Happy Tears Amfree, Seoul, dist. 119.2km
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More about Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, South Korea

City name: Pyeongchang
Toponym name: Pyeongchang
ASCII name: Pyeongchang
Administrative type: populated place
Administrative division level 3:
Administrative division level 2:
Administrative division level 1: Gangwon-do 06
Country: South Korea
Country code: KR
Continent code: AS
Timezone: GMT 9 Asia/Seoul
Latitude: 37.37028
Longitude: 128.39306
Post code:
Airport IATA:
Population: 9940 inh.

Alternative names for Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, South Korea:

ar: بيونغتشانغ, bg: Пхьончхан, cs: Pchjongčchang, de: Pyeongchang, en: Pyeongchang, eo: Pjonĉango, fa: شهرستان پیونگ‌چانگ, fr: District de Pyeongchang, hak: Phìn-chhông-khiùn, he: פיונגצאנג, hu: Phjongcshang, ja: 平昌郡, ka: ფიონგჩანგი, ko: 평창군, lt: Pjončano apskritis, lv: Phjončhana, lzh: 平昌郡, mn: Пёнчан-гүнь, pl: Pjongczang, ru: Пхёнчхан, sco: Pyeongchang Coonty, sk: Pchjongčchang, th: พย็องชัง, uk: Пхьончхан, ur: پیونگچانگ کاؤنٹی, wuu: 平昌郡, yue: 平昌, zh: 平昌郡,
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