Hotels in Queluz, Portugal

Name: Queluz
Region: Lisbon
Country: Portugal
Population: 103 399 inh.

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  • 1. Dona Maria I, dist. 0.7km
  • 2. Pousada De D. Maria I, dist. 0.8km
  • 3. Jardim Da Amadora, Mina, Amadora Municipality, dist. 1.9km
  • 4. jardim d amadora, Mina, Amadora Municipality, dist. 1.9km
  • 5. Viva Marinha Hotel & Suites, Belas, dist. 4.5km
  • 6. Amazonia Jamor Hotel, Queijas, Oeiras Municipality, dist. 4.7km
  • 7. Holiday Inn Express Alfragide, Carnaxide, Oeiras Municipality, dist. 5km
  • 8. Ibis Lisboa Alfragide, Buraca, Amadora Municipality, dist. 5.3km
  • 9. Ibis Lisboa Oeiras, Porto Salvo, Oeiras Municipality, dist. 5.5km
  • 10. Solplay Hotel de Apartamentos, Linda-A-Velha, Oeiras Municipality, dist. 5.7km
  • 11. Hotel Real Oeiras, Paço de Arcos, Oeiras Municipality, dist. 5.9km
  • 12. Hotel Express By Holiday Inn Lisbon - Oeiras, Porto Salvo, Oeiras Municipality, dist. 6.1km
  • 13. Vila Gale Opera, Alcântara, Lisbon, dist. 6.6km
  • 14. Tryp Oriente, Alcântara, Lisbon, dist. 6.6km
  • 15. Novotel Lisboa, Alcântara, Lisbon, dist. 6.6km
  • 16. Pensao Residencial Roma, Alcântara, Lisbon, dist. 6.6km
  • 17. Nh Parque Lisboa, Alcântara, Lisbon, dist. 6.6km
  • 18. Lagoas Park Hotel, Porto Salvo, Oeiras Municipality, dist. 6.6km
  • 19. Vila Gale Collection Palacio Dos Arcos, Paço de Arcos, Oeiras Municipality, dist. 7.1km
  • 20. Solar Palmeiras, Paço de Arcos, Oeiras Municipality, dist. 7.4km
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More about Queluz, Portugal
    City name: Queluz
    Toponym name: Queluz
    ASCII name: Queluz
    Administrative type: populated place
    Administrative division level 3: Queluz 111107
    Administrative division level 2: Sintra Municipality 1111
    Administrative division level 1: Lisbon 14
    Country: Portugal
    Country code: PT
    Continent code: EU
    Timezone: GMT 0 Europe/Lisbon
    Latitude: 38.75657
    Longitude: -9.25451
    Post code:
    Airport IATA:
    Population: 103399 inh.

    Alternative names for Queluz, Lisbon, Portugal:

    de: Queluz, en: Queluz, pt: Queluz, ru: Келуш,

Queluz, Portugal Reviews & Notes
    "The food in Lisbon is delicious. Take my word for it. I ate plenty to prove it. One of the spots to put on the list are Pastéis de Belém, a treat that has been a part of the general Lisbon culinary culture since 1837. These warm cream pastries prepared daily with over 150 employees working at this establishment by the same name, to serve 20,000 of them during the week days and 50,000 during the weekends! I get it though, they are yummy!"

    "Portugal's take on the Golden Gate Bridge. A little piece of San Francisco is here with me after all... Celebrating Natalia Rivero-Fernández's birthday in Belém, Lisboa."

    "Torre de Belém (Belém Tower), a fortified tower near Lisboa, very nice! I have been there years ago, I remember all the details, including a strong wind. Photo's not mine"

    "I honestly do not remember the first concert I saw because it was too early, but I can tell you my experience on the most important concert I saw, it was in 1990, in Lisbon and changed my life forever! June 10, 1990, city: Lisbon Venue: Estadio José Alvalade Opening Act: The Black Crowes, lead artist. The Rolling Stones Result: It changed my life. I had never seen a stage so big in a concert, it was incredible to enter the stadium and see that giant stage. First big surprise, the Black Crowes, barely a year of existence but already were very good on stage, they played is first album "Shake Your Money Maker" After them, the stage was ready and they came ... the mythical and now legends, The Rolling Stones!! It was an unforgettable concert by the impact it had on me, if I already liked the music, after that I breathe music! I'm considered by family and friends as a music lover and part of that is because of this very concert. I worked in the music industry for 15 a lot because of that concert, I knew I wanted to work on those productions. As a famous philosopher said "Without music, life would be a mistake" to me this sentence is a life philosophy. Only later I discovered the importance that this band had for modern music and to American music in particular, but even at that time I saw that rock and roll was my thing. Thanks Keith, Ronnie, Charlie and Mick."

    "One of the must-do's of Lisbon is the Monument to the DIscoveries. Hard to imagine the intestinal fortitude those men must have had to sail off into the then unknown ... The monument is impressive ... I love the serpentine paving around the structure. The site is easily reached on the trolley."

    "I think this was the first time ever that we visited the same establishment twice - for a cup of espresso + milk! Amazing ambiance, the right amount of curtness and locals :)"

    "Santini is a traditional italian icecream shop, that has been in business since 1949. They started operating in the “Linha” – around Cascais and Estoril, but finally decided to open a store in Lisbon in 2010. Sometimes there can be a line at the door but it is worth the wait"

    "Chocolate Cake and Espresso break at LX Factory, Lisbon I often work here when we're in Lisbon. They have a great co-working space as well as media firms, galleries and cute cafes. This place, Landeau chocolates, or the gelato place, make for a great afternoon break."

    "Inside LX Factory, Lisbon They also have a little bar here where you can have wine and charcuterie. Great break from working over at CoWork Lisboa"

    "My favorite restaurant in Lisbon, excellent food, very professional and very nice guys. The food is something spectacular, very "grandma"! The quality of the products it's very high. My personal favorites: Arroz de Garoupa com Gambas (grouper & prawn rice, very typical in PT) Vitela à Padeiro (Calf on the oven with nice potatoes) For desert ask for "Montanha de Claras" (photo) *not my Picture"

    "I love finding unique boutiques and specialty stores when I travel. To my surprise, I found a shop in Lisbon devoted exclusively to canned sardines. It was run by an elderly lady who basically pointed to a basket of sample boxes of the different varieties on the counter and asked in broken English "How many?" She spent the day climbing up and down the library style ladder to retrieve the merchandise for each customer. Needless to say, I loaded up for the trip home."

    "Spring 2008. My first (and last) school exchange: two weeks in Lisbon with friends, for a great time just before the final exams. This is the school where we have spent our lessons time and where we met a lot of new people. Maybe one day someone will read this note and he will remember how that days were great."

    "For locals in Lisbon, taking the tram is simply an essential commuting option. One among an efficient transit system in the city. But for visitors, taking the tram is what allows us to discover newer areas, as well as get over the very many hills of the city. Because Lisbon is all about the hills (think San Francisco) and those trams are priceless. Most people know about tram 28, which takes you through popular neighborhoods such as Alfama and other tourist destinations, but tram 15 follows a route along the River Tagus River, which offers beautiful views."

    "Our tour guide admitted that getting lost in the winding, hilly streets of Lisbon is almost always a guarantee. I found this out first hand, of course, and in the process discovered some of the sweetest, most real spots of Lisbon city living, like the one captured in this photo, of the two women chatting - one inside the window, the other outside, without a care that I was shooting my camera. The map helped, and Google Maps, but your spirit of adventure is really what will compliment the experience and eventually get you back home."

    "Fado is a traditional Portuguese form of song categorized by deeply emotional melodies and lyrics. At Cafe Luso, I sat entranced by the voices of each singer, accompanied by three guitarists, and couldn't help but feel a sense in my heart that lets me know that something really special is taking place in front of you. I couldn't understand the words being sung, but the emotion behind each song was very clear. What a perfect evening it makes!"

    "There are several reasons that its almost impossible to get a table here. The owner doesn't take reservations. There are only 5-6 tables. And everyone who comes here is here for a long meal. On top of that, the owner is capricious and may suddenly give an open table to someone he knows even though you have been waiting patiently to sit down. So, why bother? The food is delicious and plentiful. Home-cooked Portuguese food cooked up by a woman in a tiny kitchen. One of my favorites is their jaquinzinhos - a plate of small fried fish and tomato rice. Also, don't miss out on their chocolate cake for dessert. It is famous. And the owner makes it himself. The picture below was taken while standing outsitde Cantinho waiting for them to open. One thing the owner does with his leftover food is feed some of the old ladies who live nearby. Here, food is being placed in a lowered basket for the woman above to pull back up."

    "This place has many things to offer. Though it is a little bit far away from Lisbon city center, I'm sure it's worth your trip. You can visit Cristo Rei, which is similar to the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro. This statue stands over 100 meters tall on the opposite bank of the Tejo River from downtown Lisbon. Views from the top of the statue are breathtaking. In addition, you can have great view of Ponte 25 de Abril, the sister bridge of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. I was delightful to know that the two bridges were designed by the same talented architect."

    "Best lunch I've ever had! Eat in the cafe, by a window overlooking the entire city. This restaurant was founded by Europe's first female clown, and still houses a theater school. We had artichoke stuffed with mushrooms and asparagus, and smoked turkey & grilled pineapple salad. Delicious! Also a nice shop with locally made handicrafts and jewelry."

    "The streets in and around (and getting to) the castle of Sao Jorge are absolutely beautiful. Moorish, quiet and instantly nostalgic. This is all part of the Alfama area. You want to get lost in these streets. You peek around the corner, look around, thinking - Here's where I would have have spent my childhood years (if I were born in Lisbon). You can almost hear Fado in the bars around. I hope you get lost here.. I hope I get lost here again :)"

    "Every year in mid-June the entire city of Lisbon celebrates its patron saint, St. Anthony. As part of this festival, there is street food and dance competitions among the city neighborhoods. Alfama almost always wins the latter. My wife's family lives in Lisbon and I know the city well. Here, the dancers paraded through as we were waiting to sit down and eat at one of our favorite places."

    "I am not sure how to describe Lisbon, the words fail me some how. I've said it's beautiful, and it is, but it's more than that. Because it's beauty is so raw and real and authentic and non-staged. It's in the contrast of drying laundry, depicting real life, with ceramic tiles, depicting history. Its people are kind, but not in a soft spoken, gentle way, rather in a direct, vocal, passionate manner. It is beautiful, but in more ways than any one word can describe and in more ways than can ever be captured by a quick glance. It's beauty and story is in the detail, which is why the longer you stay, the more you understand it."

    "Cais da Pedra There is a vegetarian option, the menue is in english aswell. They serve food the whole day! The style of the interior is very modern but with very nice details and an open kitchen as a highlight. While sitting on the terrace you can watch the water running down the tejo..."

    "Lisbon is such a beautiful beautiful city! After a long nice day, we took a train ride to get to this pizza place. I dont know whether it was because we were hungry, or because we took a long train ride, or because it just was - The pizza was awesome! It was difficult to communicate - we were trying to get something vegetarian - but in the end we were happy campers! :)"

    "Aah! this was an amazing moment for us. Aarit (3 years at the time) got really friend with Miguel, who with his unbridled enthusiasm spent a great amount of time with him. Miguel was one of our tour guides (We Hate Tourism Tours) and was quirky and a lot of fun.. Aarit and he had great conversations about cars (his favorite being the Fokk-swah-gun).. For one of the very few times I could see Aarit with teary eyes when our whole-day tour got over. Its amazing how and where we find the human connections that last us a lifetime.. Thank you Miguel!"

    "Another must is the out-of-town visit to Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage site less than half an hour from Lisbon. A lot of out-of-towners come here to take in the sights of the Moorish Castle and the National Palace of Sintra, just to name a few. This town is like a scene from a fairytale, and even with all the rain during the time of my visit, I couldn't help but feel like I was walking through the pages of a storybook. You can drive (though it can be really difficult to park and a bit congested) or take a train from Lisbon. Of course, the tour offers a comfortable coach and driver, so you don't have to worry about any of those details."