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Name: Reykjavik
Region: Capital Region
Country: Iceland
Population: 118 918 inh.

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  • 1. Centerhotel Studios, dist. 0km
  • 2. Hotel Vik, dist. 0.1km
  • 3. Hotel Borg, dist. 0.1km
  • 4. Hotel Bjork, dist. 0.1km
  • 5. Icelandair Hotel Klaustur, dist. 0.2km
  • 6. Floki Inn Guesthouse, dist. 0.4km
  • 7. Fosshotel Sudurgata, dist. 0.4km
  • 8. CenterHotel Skjaldbreid, dist. 0.4km
  • 9. Hotel Holt, dist. 0.4km
  • 10. CenterHotel Klopp, dist. 0.4km
  • 11. Radisson SAS 1919 Hotel, dist. 0.4km
  • 12. Icelandica Luxury Suites Apartments, dist. 0.4km
  • 13. Home Luxury Apartments, dist. 0.4km
  • 14. Odinsve, dist. 0.4km
  • 15. Icelandair Nordica Hotel, dist. 0.4km
  • 16. Fosshotel Baron, dist. 0.4km
  • 17. Icelandair Hotel Loftleidir, dist. 0.4km
  • 18. Fosshotel Lind, dist. 0.4km
  • 19. Radisson SAS Saga Hotel, dist. 0.4km
  • 20. Park Inn Island, dist. 0.4km
  • 21. BB 44 Guest House, dist. 0.4km
  • 22. Fosshotel Hofdi, dist. 0.4km
  • 23. Reykjavik Peace Center, dist. 0.4km
  • 24. Hotel HILTON NORDICA, dist. 0.6km
  • 25. Hotel Cabin, dist. 0.7km
  • 26. Metropolitan Hotel, dist. 0.7km
  • 27. Park Inn By Radisson Island, dist. 0.7km
  • 28. Fron, dist. 0.7km
  • 29. 4Th Floor, dist. 0.7km
  • 30. Bjork Special Offer, dist. 0.8km
  • 31. Grand Reykjavik Atrium Min Stay, dist. 0.8km
  • 32. Grand Reykjavik (Atrium), dist. 0.8km
  • 33. Grand Reykjavik Min Stay, dist. 0.8km
  • 34. Grand Hotel Reykjavik, dist. 0.9km
  • 35. Arctic Comfort Vik, dist. 0.9km
  • 36. Guesthouse Pavi, dist. 0.9km
  • 37. Kallis Apartments, dist. 0.9km
  • 38. Sjomannaheimilid Orkin, dist. 1km
  • 39. Hotel APTS. REYKJAVIK LIGHTS, dist. 1km
  • 40. Hotel HOTEL KLETTUR, dist. 1km
  • 41. Hotel APTS. EINHOLT, dist. 1km
  • 42. Hotel Reykjavik, dist. 1.1km
  • 43. Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, dist. 1.1km
  • 44. Hlemmur Square, dist. 1.1km
  • 45. Hotel BEST WESTERN REYKJAVIK, dist. 1.1km
  • 46. Hotel APTS. LAUGAVEGUR, dist. 1.2km
  • 47. Alba Guesthouse, dist. 1.2km
  • 48. Reykjavik Hostel Village, dist. 1.3km
  • 49. Laugabjarg, dist. 1.4km
  • 50. Ok Hotel, dist. 1.6km
  • 51. Grettisgata, dist. 1.6km
  • 52. Guesthouse Bina, dist. 1.6km
  • 53. Icehotel Fludir, dist. 1.7km
  • 54. Icelandair Hotel Fludir, dist. 1.7km
  • 55. Loki 101 Guesthouse, dist. 1.8km
  • 56. Hotel Leifur Eiriksson, dist. 1.8km
  • 57. Guesthouse Sunna, dist. 1.8km
  • 58. 37Apartments, dist. 1.9km
  • 59. Atlantik, dist. 1.9km
  • 60. Adam Guesthouse, dist. 1.9km
  • 61. Icelandair Natura Hotel Reykja, dist. 1.9km
  • 62. Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, dist. 1.9km
  • 63. Reykjavik Natura, dist. 1.9km
  • 64. Welcome Apartments, dist. 1.9km
  • 65. Reykjavik Residence, dist. 2km
  • 66. Rey Apartments, dist. 2km
  • 67. Hotel_ODINSVE, dist. 2km
  • 68. Room with a View Luxury, dist. 2km
  • 69. Domus Guesthouse Backpackers, dist. 2km
  • 70. Hotel REYKJAVIK4YOU APARTMENTS, dist. 2.1km
  • 71. Luna Hotel Apartments & Guesthouse, dist. 2.2km
  • 72. Alda Hotel Reykjavik, dist. 2.2km
  • 73. Travel Inn Guesthouse, dist. 2.2km
  • 74. Center Hotel Arnarhvoll, dist. 2.3km
  • 75. Loft Hostel, dist. 2.3km
  • 76. Centerhotel Arnarhvoll, dist. 2.3km
  • 77. 101 Hotel, dist. 2.3km
  • 78. Apartment K, dist. 2.3km
  • 79. Hotel ARNARHVOLL, dist. 2.3km
  • 80. Thor Guesthouse, dist. 2.3km
  • 81. Lily Guesthouse, dist. 2.4km
  • 82. Fosshotel Sudorgata, dist. 2.4km
  • 83. Hotel Plaza, dist. 2.5km
  • 84. Apotek Hotel, dist. 2.5km
  • 85. Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik, dist. 2.5km
  • 86. Radisson Blu 1919, dist. 2.5km
  • 87. Hotel Reykjavik Centrum, dist. 2.6km
  • 88. City Center Hotel Reykjavik, dist. 2.6km
  • 89. CenterHotel Thingholt, dist. 2.6km
  • 90. Reykjavik Centrum Min Stay, dist. 2.7km
  • 91. Hotel CENTER PLAZA, dist. 2.7km
  • 92. Centerhotel Plaza, dist. 2.7km
  • 93. Pisa Ristorante and Guesthouse, dist. 2.7km
  • 94. Hafnarfjordur, dist. 2.8km
  • 95. Radisson Blu Saga Hotel Reykjavik, dist. 2.9km
  • 96. Radisson Blu Hotel (Formerly Radisson Saga), dist. 2.9km
  • 97. Hotel ICELANDAIR REYKJAVIK MARINA, dist. 3km
  • 98. Bb 44 Guesthouse, , dist. 3.1km
  • 99. Castle House Embassy Luxury Apa, dist. 3.1km
  • 100. The White Swan, dist. 3.1km
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More about Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland

City name: Reykjavik
Toponym name: Reykjavik
ASCII name: Reykjavik
Administrative type: capital of a political entity
Administrative division level 3:
Administrative division level 2:
Administrative division level 1: Capital Region 39
Country: Iceland
Country code: IS
Continent code: EU
Timezone: GMT 0 Atlantic/Reykjavik
Latitude: 64.13548
Longitude: -21.89541
Post code: 101
Airport IATA: REK
Population: 118918 inh.

Alternative names for Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland:

af: Reykjavik, am: ሬይኪያቪክ, ang: Rēcwīc, ar: ريكيافيك, az: Reykyavik, be: Горад Рэйкявік, bg: Рейкявик, bn: রেইকিয়াভিক, bo: རེཀ་ཇ་བིཀ།, bs: Rejkjavik, ca: Reykjavík, ce: Рейкьявик, ckb: ڕێکیاڤیک, cs: Reykjavík, cv: Рейкьявик, da: Reykjavik, de: Reykjavík, el: Ρέικιαβικ, en: Reykjavik, eo: Rejkjaviko, es: Reikiavik, et: Reykjavík, eu: Reykjavik, fa: ریکیاویک, fi: Reykjavik, fr: Reykjavik, frr: Reykjavik, ga: Réicivíc, gd: Reykjavík, gl: Reiquiavik, hbs: Rejkjavik, he: רייקיאוויק, hi: रेक्जाविक, hr: Reykjavik, ht: Rèkyavik, hu: Reykjavík, hy: Ռեյկյավիկ, id: Reykjavik, io: Reykjavík, is: Reykjavík, it: Reykjavík, ja: レイキャヴィーク, ka: რეიკიავიკი, kab: Reykyabik, kk: Рейкиявик, ko: 레이캬비크, ku: Reykjavik, kv: Рейкьявик, la: Reiciavicia, lad: Reikiavik, lb: Reykjavík, lmo: Reykjavik, lt: Reikjavikas, lv: Reikjavīka, mhr: Рейкьявик, mi: Reykjavik, mk: Рејкјавик, ml: റെയിക്യാവിക്, mr: रेक्याविक, mt: Rejkjavik, nah: Reikiavik, nb: Reykjavík, nds: Reykjavik, nl: Reykjavik, nn: Reykjavík, no: Reykjavík, or: ରେକ୍ଜାଭିକ, os: Рейкьявик, pa: ਰੇਕਿਆਵਿਕ, pl: Reykjavík, pnb: ریکجاوک, pt: Reiquiavique, qu: Reykjavík, ro: Reykjavík, ru: Рейкьявик, sah: Рейкьявик, scn: Reykjavík, sg: Reykjavik, sgs: Rėikjavėks, sk: Reykjavík, sl: Reykjavik, sq: Reykjavík, sr: Рејкјавик, sv: Reykjavík, ta: ரெய்க்யவிக், te: రేకవిక్, tet: Reikiavike, tg: Рейкявик, th: เรคยาวิก, tl: Reikiavik, tpi: Reykjavik, tr: Reykjavik, tt: Рейкьявик, udm: Рейкьявик, ug: رېيكياۋىك, uk: Рейкявік, ur: ریکیاوک, vec: Reykjavik, vep: Reikjavik, wo: Reykjawik, yi: רעקיאוויק, yue: 雷克雅未克, zh: 雷克雅維克,
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