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Name: Rome
Region: Latium
Country: Italy
Population: 2 318 895 inh.

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  • 1. Espana, dist. 0km
  • 2. Hotel Prestige Portamaggiore, dist. 0.1km
  • 3. Leonardi Hotel Daniela, dist. 0.1km
  • 4. Daniela, dist. 0.1km
  • 5. Best Roma, dist. 0.1km
  • 6. Shiva Bed & Breakfast, dist. 0.1km
  • 7. Bled, dist. 0.1km
  • 8. Hotel Emona Aquaeductus, dist. 0.1km
  • 9. Baci Da Roma Bandb, dist. 0.1km
  • 10. B&B Manzoni Holidays, dist. 0.1km
  • 11. Hotel Pisa (h), dist. 0.1km
  • 12. Bed and Breakfast Chiara Stella, dist. 0.2km
  • 13. B&B Chiara Stella, dist. 0.2km
  • 14. Manzoni E Pisa, dist. 0.2km
  • 15. Donatello, dist. 0.2km
  • 16. giolitti, dist. 0.2km
  • 17. Novecento, dist. 0.2km
  • 18. Parker, dist. 0.2km
  • 19. Tempio di Pallade, dist. 0.2km
  • 20. Bet Rachel, dist. 0.2km
  • 21. La Locanda Del Manzoni, dist. 0.2km
  • 22. Center Rome, dist. 0.2km
  • 23. Hotel Novecento, dist. 0.2km
  • 24. Hotel Center 1,2,3, dist. 0.2km
  • 25. Hotel Tempio Di Pallade, dist. 0.2km
  • 26. Luzzatti, dist. 0.2km
  • 27. Midi Hotel, dist. 0.2km
  • 28. Eleven Star Rome B&B, dist. 0.2km
  • 29. B&B Santa Croce, dist. 0.2km
  • 30. Principe Di Piemonte, dist. 0.2km
  • 31. B&B Filippo Maria, dist. 0.2km
  • 32. Hotel Altavilla, dist. 0.2km
  • 33. B&B Maria, dist. 0.2km
  • 34. latinum, dist. 0.2km
  • 35. La Rotella Nel Sacco, dist. 0.2km
  • 36. Hotel Portamaggiore, dist. 0.2km
  • 37. Bandb Laterano Inn, dist. 0.2km
  • 38. Locanda St Anna, dist. 0.3km
  • 39. Gioia Bed & Breakfast, dist. 0.3km
  • 40. Bandb Al Gran Veliero, dist. 0.3km
  • 41. Porta Maggiore, dist. 0.3km
  • 42. Daysleeper Bandb, dist. 0.3km
  • 43. Dream Guest House, dist. 0.3km
  • 44. Arco Romano Rooms, dist. 0.3km
  • 45. La Piccola Locanda, dist. 0.3km
  • 46. The Secret Garden, dist. 0.3km
  • 47. Sara Bandb, dist. 0.3km
  • 48. 1909 Bed and Breakfast, dist. 0.3km
  • 49. Principe Eugenio, dist. 0.3km
  • 50. Family House, dist. 0.3km
  • 51. B&B Emanuela, dist. 0.3km
  • 52. Rome With Love, dist. 0.3km
  • 53. Taormina, dist. 0.3km
  • 54. Accommodationsrome, dist. 0.3km
  • 55. Hotel Moscatello, dist. 0.4km
  • 56. Santa Bibiana, dist. 0.4km
  • 57. Bandb Two Flowers, dist. 0.4km
  • 58. Hotel Starlight, dist. 0.4km
  • 59. MOMI Bed & Breakfast, dist. 0.4km
  • 60. Sweet Alice B&B, dist. 0.4km
  • 61. Best Western Plus Milton, dist. 0.4km
  • 62. Cromata Rooms, dist. 0.4km
  • 63. Bw Hotel President, dist. 0.4km
  • 64. Hotel Milton Roma, dist. 0.4km
  • 65. Soraya Guest House Colosseum, dist. 0.4km
  • 66. Caracciolo, dist. 0.4km
  • 67. B&B Janis, dist. 0.4km
  • 68. Domus Sessoriana, dist. 0.4km
  • 69. President Best Western, dist. 0.4km
  • 70. Mr Piece, dist. 0.4km
  • 71. At Home Townhouse Filiberto, dist. 0.5km
  • 72. B&B Civico 31, dist. 0.5km
  • 73. Trinity B&B, dist. 0.5km
  • 74. B&B T & V House, dist. 0.5km
  • 75. A Ca Degli Equi Bandb, dist. 0.5km
  • 76. Filiberto Apartment, dist. 0.5km
  • 77. B&B Emanuele Filiberto, dist. 0.5km
  • 78. Sam Rooms, dist. 0.5km
  • 79. Aloha Rome, dist. 0.5km
  • 80. RomeBed, dist. 0.5km
  • 81. Laltra Luna, dist. 0.5km
  • 82. CK Bed & Breakfast, dist. 0.5km
  • 83. Gladiator Rooms, dist. 0.5km
  • 84. Bandb Ombelico Del Mondo, dist. 0.5km
  • 85. Sleeping Beauty, dist. 0.5km
  • 86. Conte Verde, dist. 0.5km
  • 87. Hotel Felice, dist. 0.5km
  • 88. Residenza Piccolo Principe, dist. 0.5km
  • 89. E&S Rooms, dist. 0.5km
  • 90. 55 Rome Inn Bed and Breakfast, dist. 0.5km
  • 91. Lux Appartamenti, dist. 0.5km
  • 92. Icarus 1, dist. 0.5km
  • 93. Adone House, dist. 0.5km
  • 94. A Roman Holiday B&B, dist. 0.5km
  • 95. Gentes B&B, dist. 0.5km
  • 96. A Casa di Mei B&B, dist. 0.6km
  • 97. Hotel Villa San Lorenzo Maria, dist. 0.6km
  • 98. Obelus, dist. 0.6km
  • 99. Golden Tulip Ambra Palace, dist. 0.6km
  • 100. Bandb San Jouan, dist. 0.6km
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City name: Rome
Toponym name: Rome
ASCII name: Rome
Administrative type: capital of a political entity
Administrative division level 3: Rome 058091
Administrative division level 2: Rome RM
Administrative division level 1: Latium 07
Country: Italy
Country code: IT
Continent code: EU
Timezone: GMT 1 Europe/Rome
Latitude: 41.89193
Longitude: 12.51133
Post code:
Airport IATA: ROM
Population: 2318895 inh.

Alternative names for Rome, Latium, Italy:

als: Rom, am: ሮማ, an: Roma, ar: روما, arc: ܪܘܡܐ, ast: Roma, be: Рым, bg: Рим, br: Roma, bs: Rim, ca: Roma, cs: Řím, cu: Римъ, cv: Рим, cy: Rhufain, da: Rom, de: Rom, el: Ρώμη, en: Rome, eo: Romo, es: Roma, et: Rooma, eu: Erroma, fa: رم, fi: Rooma, fr: Rome, frp: Roma, fur: Rome, ga: An Róimh, gd: An Ròimh, gl: Roma, hbs: Rim, he: רומא, hi: रोम, hr: Rim, hu: Róma, hy: Հռոմ, ia: Roma, id: Roma, io: Roma, is: Róm, it: Roma, ja: ローマ, ka: რომი, ko: 로마, kw: Rom, la: Roma, lb: Roum, li: Roeme, lt: Roma, lv: Roma, mk: Рим, mn: Ром, mr: रोम, ms: Rom, nap: Romma, nds: Rom, nl: Rome, nn: Roma, no: Roma, nrm: Rome, oc: Roma, os: Рим, pl: Rzym, pms: Roma, pt: Roma, qu: Roma, rgn: Råmma, rm: Roma, ro: Roma, ru: Рим, sa: रोमा, sc: Roma, scn: Roma, sk: Rím, sl: Rim, sq: Roma, sr: Рим, sv: Rom, sw: Mji wa Roma, th: โรม, tl: Lungsod ng Roma, tpi: Roma, tr: Roma, tw: Roma, ty: Roma, ug: رىم, uk: Рим, ur: روم, vec: Roma, vi: Roma, vo: Roma, zh: 罗马市, zh-CN: 罗马市,
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