Staraya Toropa

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Name: Staraya Toropa
Region: Tver’ Oblast
Country: Russia
Population: 2 232 inh.
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  • 1. Eridan, Vitebsk, Belarus, dist. 151.5km
  • 2. Luchesa, Vitebsk, Belarus, dist. 154km
  • 3. Luchesa, Vitebsk, Belarus, dist. 222.3km
  • 4. Okhotnich’ya Baza Stolpovo, dist. 232.5km
  • 5. Yaroslav Hostel, Novgorod Oblast, dist. 250.2km
  • 6. Sadko, Novgorod Oblast, dist. 250.6km
  • 7. Volkhov, Novgorod Oblast, dist. 251km
  • 8. Akron, Novgorod Oblast, dist. 251.1km
  • 9. Rossiya Velikiy Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast, dist. 251.1km
  • 10. Sanatoriy Akron, Novgorod Oblast, dist. 252.2km
  • 11. Park Inn By Radisson Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast, dist. 252.3km
  • 12. Balthouse, Pskov Oblast, dist. 259.8km
  • 13. Pleskov, Pskov Oblast, dist. 259.9km
  • 14. Oktyabrskaya Pskov, Pskov Oblast, dist. 264.2km
  • 15. Heliopark Old Estate Hotel, , dist. 266.2km
  • 16. Mogiliov, Mogilev, Belarus, dist. 278.4km
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