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Name: Strasbourg
Region: Grand-Est
Country: France
Population: 274 845 inh.
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    City name: Strasbourg
    Toponym name: Strasbourg
    ASCII name: Strasbourg
    Administrative type: seat of a first-order administrative division
    Administrative division level 3: Arrondissement de Strasbourg-Ville 678
    Administrative division level 2: Bas-Rhin 67
    Administrative division level 1: Grand-Est 44
    Country: France
    Country code: FR
    Continent code: EU
    Timezone: GMT 1 Europe/Paris
    Latitude: 48.58392
    Longitude: 7.74553
    Post code: 67000
    Airport IATA: SXB
    Population: 274845 inh.

    Alternative names for Strasbourg, Grand-Est, France:

    af: Straatsburg, als: Straßburg, am: ስትራዝቡርግ, ang: Strǣtburg, ar: ستراسبورغ, az: Strasburq, bar: Strossburg, be: Горад Страсбур, bg: Страсбург, bo: སི་ཐི་རཱ་སི་བུར།, br: Straßburg, ca: Estrasburg, ce: Страсбург, ckb: ستراسبورگ, co: Strasburgu, cs: Štrasburk, cv: Страсбург, cy: Strasbwrg, da: Strasbourg, de: Straßburg, el: Στρασβούργο, en: Strasbourg, eo: Strasburgo, es: Estrasburgo, et: Strasbourg, eu: Estrasburgo, ext: Estrasburgu, fa: استراسبورگ, fi: Strasbourg, fr: Strasbourg, frp: Strasbôrg, fy: Straasburch, gl: Estrasburgo, gu: સ્ટ્રાસબોર્ગ, he: שטרסבורג, hi: स्ट्रासबर्ग, hr: Strasbourg, ht: Estrasbou, hu: Strasbourg, hy: Ստրասբուրգ, id: Strasbourg, is: Strassborg, it: Strasburgo, ja: ストラスブール, ka: სტრასბური, ko: 스트라스부르, la: Argentoratum, lad: Strasburgo, lb: Stroossbuerg, li: Sjtraasburg, lt: Strasbūras, lv: Strasbūra, mk: Стразбур, ml: സ്ട്രാസ്ബർഗ്, mr: स्त्रासबुर्ग, ms: Strasbourg, mt: Strażburgu, mzn: استراسبورگ, nap: Strasburgo, nds: Straßborg, nl: Straatsburg, no: Strasbourg, oc: Estrasborg, os: Страсбург, pa: ਸਟਰਾਸਬਰਗ, pfl: Stroosburi, pl: Strasburg, pms: Strasborgh, pnb: شٹراسبرگ, pt: Estrasburgo, qu: Strasbourg, ro: Strasbourg, ru: Страсбург, scn: Strasburgu, sk: Štrasburg, sl: Strasbourg, sr: Стразбур, stq: Straasbuurich, sv: Strasbourg, ta: ஸ்திராஸ்பூர்க், th: สทราซบูร์, tl: Lungsod ng Strasbourg, tr: Strazburg, uk: Страсбург, ur: ستراسبورگ, uz: Straatsburg, vec: Strasburgo, vls: Stroatsburg, wuu: 斯特拉斯堡, yi: שטראסבורג, yue: 斯特拉斯堡, zh: 斯特拉斯堡,
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