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Name: Tokize
Region: Aichi
Country: Japan
Population: 0 inh.
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  • 1. Hotel Toyota Castle, dist. 26.2km
  • 2. Refresh In Hirugami No Mori, Nagano, dist. 38.7km
  • 3. Yuttari No Sato Inaka, Nagano, dist. 38.8km
  • 4. Hirugami Grand Hotel Tenshin, Nagano, dist. 38.9km
  • 5. Yurui No Yado Keizan, Nagano, dist. 39km
  • 6. Yuruinoyado Keizan, Nagano, dist. 39km
  • 7. Oyado Sansui, Nagano, dist. 39km
  • 8. Hotel Route Inn Nagoya Imaike Ekimae, dist. 41.4km
  • 9. Hotel Leopalace Nagoya, dist. 41.4km
  • 10. Mielparque Nagoya, dist. 42km
  • 11. Hotel Kisoji, Kiso-gun, Nagano, dist. 42.8km
  • 12. Royal Park Inn Nagoya, , dist. 43.1km
  • 13. Hotel Nikko Toyohashi, , dist. 43.1km
  • 14. Daini Fuji Hotel, dist. 43.2km
  • 15. Com's, dist. 43.2km
  • 16. Hotel Coms Nagoya, dist. 43.2km
  • 17. Kanaya, dist. 43.2km
  • 18. Mystays Nagoyasakae, dist. 43.2km
  • 19. Hotel Route Inn Nagoya Sakae, dist. 43.3km
  • 20. Unizo Inn Nagoya Sakae Higashi, dist. 43.4km
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