Hotels & Apartments in Weimar

Name: Weimar
Region: Thuringia
Country: Germany
Population: 64 727 inh.

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Hotels in Weimar, Germany
Weimar, Germany Reviews & Notes
    "This is a poem by Joyce Lussu, an Italian writer and anti-fascist activist (a so called "partisan"). There is a pair of red shoes number twenty-four Almost new: on the insoles can be seen even the brand name "Schulze Monaco". There is a pair of red shoes on top of a pile of children shoes At Buchenwald Further on, there's a bunch of blond curls, locks of black and brown At Buchenwald Used to make blankets for soldiers. Nothing was to be wasted. And the kids undressed them, and shaved them. Before they (the soldiers) pushing them in the gas chambers. There is a pair of red shoes Of red shoes for Sunday At Buchenwald They belong to a three years old child Maybe three and a half years Who knows what color his eyes were, burned in ovens. But his tears We can imagine. For we all know how children cry Even his feet we can imagine shoe number twenty-four for eternity..."

    "In 1919, Walter Gropius was involved in the Glass Chain utopian expressionist correspondence under the pseudonym "Mass." The Glass Chain or Crystal Chain sometimes known as the "Utopian Correspondence" (German: Die Gläserne Kette) was a chain letter that took place between November 1919 and December 1920. It was a correspondence of architects that formed a basis of expressionist architecture in Germany. It was initiated by Bruno Taut. Usually more notable for his functionalist approach, the "Monument to the March Dead," designed in 1919 and executed in 1920, indicates that expressionism was an influence on him at that time. Perhaps the influence of what might have been the world's most influential chain letter? About the memorial, from Wikipedia:
    Between 1920 and 1922 a monument in honour of the workers who lost their lives in the wake of the Kapp Putsch was erected in the Weimar central cemetery. The memorial was commissioned by the Weimar Gewerkschaftskartell (Union Cartel) and built according to plans submitted to a competition by the architectural office of Walter Gropius. Although Gropius maintained that the Bauhaus should remain politically neutral, he ultimately agreed to participate in the competition staged among Weimar artists at the end of 1920. The monument was arranged around an inner space, in which visitors could stand, the repeatedly fractured and highly angular memorial rose up on three sides as if thrust up from or rammed into the earth. In February 1936, the Nazis destroyed the monument due to its political overtones, and considered its design to fall under the category of degenerate art.

    "Buchenwald Concentration Camp. This place is truly where hate, prejudice, and fear lead. This camp was one of the last camps liberated by the Allied Forces. It was the sight of horrific mass murder, forced medical experimentation, and torture. It is hard to fathom that over 25,000 people were killed in this camp alone with tens of thousands being transported through this camp and its sister camps to the extermination sites like Auschwitz. To Each their Own...this seemingly poetic phrase means that as you cross the gates into this camp that you a re alone, that no one will come for you, and that your life is now hopeless. Hate, hate leads to this systemic extermination of humans. When an individual or group lets their hate consume them, they inevetibly come to view the object of their hate as less than human. While most of this camp was razed, the concrete buildings that housed the SS soldiers are intact and now, i believe, a hostel, and museums. The outline of each of the old barracks are still visible as their foundations are now filled with the local black slate that was mined fro the area. There are various memorials for each of the groups of peoples that were detained here. In the back at the site of the former sanitation area and personal affects holding facilities stands an in-depth museum of the camp and its life/history. If you've never seen one of these sites of horrific atrocities, it is a must. Every person of the world should see exactly where hate leads!"

    "This massive church sits in the center on the Domplatz. There are several cafes around and parking under the platz. The church is massive and very beautiful there is also an additional Catholic church right beside it as if they were almost connected. I wanted to see more but there were a few events going on at the time. There are a few spots to get an "original Thuringer Bratwurst at the base of the Dom in the Domplatz. If you've never had one they are much better than traditional Brats, they seem smoother and have a better fresher taste."

    "Well, there is not much to say about this place. It seems to be more a hobby exhibit than an aquarium. It was fairly cheap to get in so it was worth a visit if you are nearby. it was nice and clean and the tanks well taken care of, but i could not help feeling like i could see the same thing at a pet store for free. im not saying don't see it, but i would not make a long trip to see it that is for sure. The Zoo in this town however is worth a visit."

    "Hier hat man wohl in der ganzen Stadt am längsten Sonne. Ausserdem ne riesen Wiese und einen super Ausblick. Der Clou ist aber die riesen Kettenschaukel. Hab schon einige nice Grillabende hier hinter mir."

    "Yet another great German Zoo. The animals all look great and healthy. They are currently renovating and adding a larger Elephant habitat. They have most major animals to include Lions, Cheetas, Elephants, Giraffes to name a few. the highlight for the kids as a walk through the open Money habitat where you can interact with monkeys in person. We only got to see about half of it. it is not huge but this is a a larger zoo and has a lot of great exhibits. I would be curious to see what this zoo is like in another 20 to 30 years as East Germany continues to expand."

    "Amazing. The Caves are pretty impressive, mostly mined areas for their slate, but there are a few grottos with stalactites and stalagmites. outside there is a Fairy Garden where your kids can run a magical path containing "Fairies" and houses, caves and nests to explore. My girls loved this off the beaten path attraction. the staff was very friendly and they offer (only one per family) an English headset for the cave tour. There is a restaurant and gift shops as well. If you are in the area in East Germany it is worth a side trip if you have kids."

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