Shiva Temple, Bangalore, India

The Shiva Templehas got a Shiva statue made of cement concrete which is 65 feet tall. The temple also has a huge lord Ganesh statue and Navagraha temple inside. This temple is open for 24 hours. Iside and underneath the Shiva statue there is a path where Models of Shiva lings different forms, such as linga made of ice is maintained.

This temple is a must visit for all tourists. You will find a Shiv Lingam, the projection of Hindu Lord Shiva. The temple also has a statue of lord in a yoga posture that is 65foot high, biggest in the country. The view is just mesmerizing. The statue is surrounded by a small pond where in people throw coins to fulfill their wishes after chanting prayers too their deity. There is a special box where in you can drop a letter to god.

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